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Proceedings of the Workshop on Databases for Nonindigenous Plants


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Authors: Colette C. Jacono and Charles P. Boydstun

Title page A popular garden plant, Chinese tallow tree, Sapium sebiferum, bears many fruit that are carried by birds and water runoff to invade natural areas. Ranging from Texas to Florida and expanding northward in the southeastern states, this aggressive nonindigenous plant can become the prominent component in habitats that vary from marshes to river margins to dry uplands. Photo by Larry Allain, USGS.

The printed document is available from the National Technical Information Service (1-800-553-6847) or the Defense Technical Information Center.

Suggested citation:

Jacono, C.C., and C.P. Boydstun. 1998. Proceedings of the workshop on databases for nonindigenous plants, Gainesville, FL, September 24-25, 1997. (Revised November, 1998) [Online]. Available: http://www . . . . .PUT FINAL SERVER ADDRESS HERE>

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