Reference List

This list includes references used to derive specimen records as well as those with scientific name Alligator mississippiensis listed in key words.

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REFTypeCut-and-Paste Reference
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12109 Other Cut-and-paste reference not available due to unhandled reference type. Please contact support to request the addition of the 'Other' type.
19050 News Deweese, J. 2007. Two foot long alligator caught, killed in MUs south farm lake. wwwcolumbiamissouriancom. September 8, 207.
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19480 Other Cut-and-paste reference not available due to unhandled reference type. Please contact support to request the addition of the 'Other' type.
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28008 Other Cut-and-paste reference not available due to unhandled reference type. Please contact support to request the addition of the 'Other' type.
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