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Reference Number: 18137
Type: Other
Author: Sheffels, T.
Date (year): 2008
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Title:Pacific Northwest Nutria Distribution GIS Map.
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Location: NAS
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Keywords: Nutria; Myocastor coypus; mammal; Washington, Oregon, Distribution
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Myocastor coypus

    WA - Dakota Creek
    WA - Nooksack River
    WA - Nookachamps Creek
    WA - Sammamish River
    WA - Lake Washington
    WA - Deschutes River/Capitol Lake
    WA - Black River
    WA - Waddell Creek
    WA - Chehalis River (lower)
    WA - Coal Creek
    WA - Chehalis River/Garrard Creek
    WA - Independence Creek
    WA - Lincoln Creek
    WA - Skookumchuck River (lower)
    WA - Bunker Creek
    WA - Chehalis River/Jones Creek
    WA - Stillman Creek
    WA - Columbia River/Baker Bay
    WA - Deep River
    WA - Grays Bay
    WA - Grays River, South Fork
    WA - Skamokawa Creek
    WA - Elochoman River (main)
    WA - Elochoman River (lower)
    WA - Mill Creek
    WA - Abernathy Creek
    WA - Coal Creek
    WA - Germany Creek
    WA - Delameter Creek
    WA - Silver Lake
    WA - Ostrander Creek
    WA - Longview
    WA - Kalama River (lower)
    WA - Columbia River at Cathlamet
    WA - Lewis River (mouth)
    OR - Green Creek (Columbia side channel)
    OR - Clatskanie River (lower)
    OR - Beaver Creek (lower)
    OR - Skipanon River
    OR - Lewis and Clark River (lower)
    OR - Youngs River (lower)
    OR - Youngs River (upper)
    OR - Klaskanine River, South Fork
    OR - Klaskanine River, North Fork
    OR - Wallooskee River
    OR - Bear Creek
    OR - Big Creek
    OR - Fertile Valley Creek
    OR - Gnat Creek
    OR - Hunt Creek
    OR - Necanicum River (lower)
    OR - Necanicum River (middle)
    OR - Ecola Creek
    OR - Arch Cape Creek
    OR - Nehalem River, North Fork (lower)
    OR - Nehalem River, North Fork (upper)
    OR - Nehalem River, North Fork (middle)
    OR - Cronin Creek
    OR - Little Fishhawk Creek
    OR - Squaw Creek
    OR - Humbug Creek
    OR - Cow Creek
    OR - Buster Creek
    OR - Rock Creek (middle)
    OR - Wolf Creek
    OR - Nehalem Bay [Nehalem, OR]
    OR - Anderson Creek
    OR - Foley Creek
    OR - Cook Creek
    OR - Salmonberry River (lower)
    OR - Spring Creek
    OR - Miami River (lower)
    OR - Tillamook Bay
    OR - Kilchis River
    OR - Wilson River (lower)
    OR - Trask River (lower)
    OR - Tillamook River (lower)
    OR - Netarts Bay
    OR - Tillamook River (upper)
    OR - Sand Creek
    OR - Beaver Creek
    OR - Moon Creek
    OR - Nestucca River/Niagara Creek
    OR - Nestucca River (lower)/Farmer Creek
    OR - Nestucca River (lower)
    OR - Little Nestucca River (lower)
    OR - Three Rivers
    OR - Neskowin Creek
    OR - Little Nestucca River (middle)
    OR - Salmon River (lower)
    OR - Devils Lake
    OR - Schooner Creek
    OR - Drift Creek (lower)/Siletz River
    OR - Siletz Bay
    OR - Siletz River (lower)
    OR - Yaquina River/Olalla Creek
    OR - Drift Creek
    OR - Big Elk Creek (lower)
    OR - Poole Slough
    OR - Beaver Creek
    OR - Drift Creek (lower)/Alsea River
    OR - Alsea River/Eckman Creek
    OR - Canal Creek
    OR - Yachats River (lower)
    OR - Siltcoos Lake
    OR - Bernhardt Creek
    OR - Siuslaw River, North Fork (lower)
    OR - Siuslaw River, North Fork (upper)
    OR - Maple Creek
    OR - Fiddle Creek
    OR - Indian Creek (lower)
    OR - Lake Creek (lower)
    OR - Sweet Creek
    OR - Wildcat Creek (lower)
    OR - Triangle Lake
    OR - Elk Creek
    OR - Long Tom River/Noti Creek
    OR - Long Tom River/Bear Creek
    OR - Long Tom River (upper)
    OR - Long Tom River (lower)
    OR - Flat Creek
    OR - Coyote Creek (lower)
    OR - Siuslaw River, Siuslaw Bend
    OR - Amazon Creek/Amazon Diversion Canal
    OR - Amazon Creek (lower)
    OR - Siuslaw River, South Fork
    OR - Siuslaw River, North Fork
    OR - Coyote Creek (upper)
    OR - Willamette River/Spring Creek
    OR - Coast Fork Willamette River (upper)/Martin Creek
    OR - Cottage Grove Reservoir
    OR - Mosby Creek (lower)
    OR - Row River/Dorena Lake
    OR - Coast Fork Willamette River (lower)/Hill Creek
    OR - Coast Fork Willamette River (lower)/Bear Creek
    OR - Gate Creek
    OR - McKenzie River (lower)/Deer Creek
    OR - Mckenzie River (lower)/Leaburg Canal
    OR - Mohawk River (upper)
    OR - Mohawk River (lower)
    OR - Mill Creek
    OR - Cash Creek
    OR - Mohawk River/Parsons Creek
    OR - McKenzie River (lower)/Holden Creek
    OR - McKenzie River/Walterville Canal
    OR - Camp Creek
    OR - Hills Creek
    OR - Little Fall Creek (lower)
    OR - Fall Creek (lower)
    OR - Winberry Creek
    OR - Lookout Point Reservoir
    OR - Lost Creek
    OR - Lower Coast Fork Willamette River/Papenfus Creek
    OR - Willamette River, Middle Fork/Mill Race [stream]
    OR - Rattlesnake Creek
    OR - Camas Swale Creek (upper)
    OR - Camas Swale Creek (lower)
    OR - Tenmile Lake
    OR - Lakeside
    OR - Tenmile Creek/Tenmile Lake
    OR - Haynes Inlet
    OR - Coos Bay, North Spit
    OR - Coos Bay
    OR - Coos River
    OR - South Slough
    OR - Coos Bay/Isthmus Slough
    OR - Coquille River estuary
    OR - Beaver Slough
    OR - Cunningham Creek
    OR - Hall Creek
    OR - Coquille River, North Fork (lower)
    OR - Tahkenitch Lake/Tahkenitch Creek
    OR - Umpqua River Estuary
    OR - Smith River, North Fork (lower)
    OR - Smith River (lower)
    OR - Scholfield Creek
    OR - Dean Creek
    OR - Wassen Creek
    OR - Vincent Creek
    OR - Big Creek
    OR - Loon Lake
    OR - Lake Creek (lower)
    OR - South Sister Creek
    OR - Halfway Creek
    OR - Paradise Creek
    OR - Smith River (headwaters)
    OR - Pass Creek (lower)
    OR - Pass Creek (upper)
    OR - Big Tom Folley Creek
    OR - Weatherly Creek
    OR - Lutsinger Creek
    OR - Elk Creek (middle)
    OR - Elk Creek (lower)
    OR - Mehl Creek
    OR - Brush Creek
    OR - Billy Creek
    OR - Yoncalla Creek
    OR - Elk Creek (headwaters)
    OR - Lake Creek (upper)
    OR - Wolf Creek
    OR - McGee Creek
    OR - Yellow Creek
    OR - Cabin Creek
    OR - Oldham Creek
    OR - Cougar Creek
    OR - Lost Creek
    OR - Calapooya Creek (lower)
    OR - Calapooya Creek (middle)
    OR - Calapooya Creek (upper)
    OR - Calapooya Creek (headwaters)
    OR - Hubbard Creek
    OR - Umpqua River (upper)
    OR - North Umpqua River (lower)
    OR - Sutherlin Creek
    OR - Cooper Creek
    OR - Bradley Creek
    OR - Susan Creek
    OR - Champagne Creek
    OR - Lookingglass Creek
    OR - South Umpqua River (lower)
    OR - Deer Creek (lower)
    OR - Deer Creek (upper)
    OR - Little River (lower)
    OR - Little River (middle)
    OR - Little River (upper)
    OR - Roberts Creek
    OR - North Myrtle Creek (lower)
    OR - North Myrtle Creek (upper)
    OR - South Myrtle Creek (lower)
    OR - South Myrtle Creek (upper)
    OR - Willis Creek
    OR - Cavitt Creek (lower)
    OR - Cavitt Creek (upper)
    OR - Rock Creek, East Fork
    OR - Rock Creek (lower)
    OR - Rock Creek (upper)
    OR - Pass Creek
    OR - Canton Creek (lower)
    OR - Canton Creek (upper)
    OR - Steamboat Creek (middle)
    OR - Steamboat Creek (headwaters)
    OR - Steamboat Creek (upper)
    OR - Steamboat Creek (lower)
    OR - Big Bend Creek
    OR - Steelhead Creek
    OR - Williams Creek
    OR - Panther Creek
    OR - Apple Creek
    OR - Boulder Creek
    OR - Soda Springs Reservoir
    OR - Deer Creek
    OR - Potter Creek
    OR - Loafer Creek
    OR - Warm Spring Creek
    OR - Lemolo Lake (Reservoir)
    OR - Thirsty Creek
    OR - Lake Creek
    OR - Clearwater River (headwaters)
    OR - Clearwater River (lower)
    OR - Stump Lake
    OR - Rough Creek
    OR - Fish Creek (lower)
    OR - Fish Creek (middle)
    OR - Copeland Creek
    OR - Calf Creek
    OR - Black Rock Fork (stream)
    OR - Quartz Creek
    OR - Emile Creek
    OR - Black Creek
    OR - Dumont Creek
    OR - South Umpqua River/Skillet Creek
    OR - Days Creek
    OR - Coffee Creek
    OR - Deadman Creek
    OR - Francis Creek
    OR - South Umpqua River/Ash Creek
    OR - Buckeye Creek
    OR - Jackson Creek (lower)
    OR - Jackson Creek (upper)
    OR - Squaw Creek
    OR - Beaver Creek
    OR - South Umpqua River/Dompier Creek
    OR - Elk Creek (upper)
    OR - Drew Creek
    OR - Cow Creek, South Fork
    OR - Cow Creek/Dismal Creek
    OR - Stouts Creek
    OR - Saint John Creek
    OR - Shively Creek
    OR - Galesville Reservoir
    OR - Whitehorse Creek
    OR - Canyon Creek
    OR - O'Shea Creek
    OR - Judd Creek
    OR - Cow Creek/Quines Creek
    OR - Cow Creek/Fortune Branch
    OR - Windy Creek
    OR - Middle Creek
    OR - Cow Creek (lower)
    OR - Rice Creek
    OR - Cow Creek/McCullough Creek
    OR - Cow Creek/Dads Creek
    OR - Cow Creek/Riffle Creek
    OR - Cow Creek, West Fork/Bear Creek
    OR - Union Creek
    OR - Doe Creek
    OR - Cattle Creek
    OR - Thompson Creek
    OR - Olalla Creek
    OR - Berry Creek
    OR - Corn Creek
    OR - Bear Creek/Anderson Creek
    OR - Marys River (upper)/Norton Creek (Horton Creek)
    OR - Tumtum River
    OR - Luckiamute River (upper)/Vincent Creek
    OR - Luckiamute River (upper)/Maxfield Creek
    OR - Berry Creek
    OR - Soap Creek
    OR - Luckiamute River (lower)/Soap Creek
    OR - Willamette River (upper)/Frazier Creek
    OR - Marys River (lower)
    OR - Marys River (upper)
    OR - Marys River (middle)
    OR - Luckiamute River (lower)
    OR - Luckiamute River (middle)
    OR - Luckiamute River (upper)
    OR - Luckiamute River (upper)/Pedee Creek
    OR - Little Rock Creek
    OR - Big Rock Creek
    OR - Siletz River, South Fork
    OR - Siletz River, North Fork (lower)
    OR - Rickreall Creek (upper)
    OR - Rickreall Creek (lower)
    OR - Mill Creek (upper)
    OR - Mill Creek (lower)
    OR - Salt Creek (upper)
    OR - Ash Swale Creek (upper)
    OR - Ash Swale Creek (lower)
    OR - Spring Valley Creek
    OR - Little Luckiamute River (lower)
    OR - Little Luckiamute River (middle)
    OR - Ash Creek
    OR - Hayden Slough Creek
    OR - Glenn Creek
    OR - Croisan Creek
    OR - Wilkerson Creek
    OR - Willamette River (upper)/Booneville Channel
    OR - Beaver Creek
    OR - Oliver Creek
    OR - Crooked Creek
    OR - Alsea River, North Fork (upper)
    OR - Alsea River, North Fork (lower)
    OR - Alsea River, South Fork (lower)
    OR - Alsea River, South Fork (upper)
    OR - Muddy Creek (lower)
    OR - Muddy Creek (middle)
    OR - Muddy Creek (upper)
    OR - Willamette River (upper)/Lake Creek
    OR - Willamette River (upper)/Curtis Slough
    OR - Muddy Creek (lower)/Dry Muddy Creek
    OR - Little Muddy Creek
    OR - Courtney Creek
    OR - Calapooia River/Brush Creek
    OR - Calapooia River/Pugh Creek
    OR - Calapooia River/Bigs Creek
    OR - Calapooia River/Hands Creek
    OR - Wiley Creek (lower)
    OR - Little Wiley Creek
    OR - South Santiam River/Shot Pouch Creek
    OR - Canyon Creek
    OR - Moose Creek
    OR - Green Peter Lake (Reservoir)
    OR - Calapooia River/Sodom Ditch
    OR - South Santiam River (middle)
    OR - Butte Creek
    OR - McDowell Creek
    OR - Oak Creek (upper)
    OR - Hamilton Creek
    OR - Onehorse Slough Creek
    OR - Detroit Lake (Reservoir)/Kinney Creek
    OR - Detroit Lake (Reservoir)/French Creek
    OR - Rock Creek
    OR - North Santiam River/Mad Creek
    OR - North Santiam River/Walker Creek
    OR - Thomas Creek (middle)/Jordan Creek
    OR - Thomas Creek (lower)
    OR - Neal Creek
    OR - Roaring River
    OR - Crabtree Creek (lower)
    OR - South Santiam River (lower)
    OR - Beaver Creek
    OR - Willamette River (lower)
    OR - Willamette River (upper)
    OR - Oak Creek (lower)
    OR - Calapooia River (lower)
    OR - Muddy Creek (upper)
    OR - Candle Creek
    OR - Boulder Creek
    OR - Little North Santiam River (lower)
    OR - Stout Creek
    OR - Silver Creek, North Fork
    OR - Drift Creek
    OR - Pudding River (upper)
    OR - Little Pudding River (upper)
    OR - Beaver Creek
    OR - Willamette River/Mill Creek (lower)
    OR - Mill Creek (upper)
    OR - North Santiam River (lower)
    OR - North Santiam River (middle)
    OR - McKinney Creek
    OR - Bashaw Creek
    OR - Lambert Slough
    OR - Little Pudding River (lower)
    OR - Pudding River/Brandy Creek
    OR - Pudding River/Mill Creek
    OR - Champoeg Creek
    OR - Senecal Creek
    OR - Pudding River (lower)/Howell Prairie Creek
    OR - Abiqua Creek (lower)
    OR - Abiqua Creek (middle)
    OR - Butte Creek (middle)
    OR - Butte Creek (lower)
    OR - Garret Creek
    OR - Rock Creek (lower)
    OR - Bear Creek
    OR - Molalla River/Willamette River
    OR - Corral Creek
    OR - Woodcock Creek
    OR - Molalla River, North Fork (lower)
    OR - Canyon Creek
    OR - Milk Creek (lower)
    OR - Milk Creek (middle)
    OR - Willamette River/Beaver Creek
    OR - Tanner Creek
    OR - Willamette River/Oswego Creek
    OR - Kellogg Creek
    OR - Clackamas River/Rock Creek
    OR - Clear Creek (lower)
    OR - Deep Creek/North Fork Deep Creek
    OR - Tickle Creek
    OR - Sandy River (middle)
    OR - Eagle Creek, North Fork
    OR - Clackamas River (lower)
    OR - Salmon River
    WA - Hamilton Creek
    OR - Latourell Creek
    OR - Beaver Creek
    WA - Columbia River/Hayden Island
    OR - Columbia Slough
    OR - Johnson Creek (lower)
    OR - Fanno Creek
    OR - Chicken Creek
    OR - McFee Creek
    OR - Tualatin River (lower)/Rock Creek
    OR - Tualatin River/Christensen Creek
    OR - Wapato Creek
    OR - Chehalem Creek
    OR - Yamhill River
    OR - North Yamill River
    OR - North Yamhill River (middle)
    OR - South Yamhill River
    OR - Palmer Creek
    OR - South Yamhill River/Blue Heron Reservoir
    OR - Panther Creek
    OR - Baker Creek
    OR - Muddy Creek
    OR - Deer Creek (lower)
    OR - Willamina Creek (lower)
    OR - Agency Creek
    OR - Haskins Creek
    OR - Coquille River (lower)
    OR - Oak Creek
    OR - Spencer Creek
    OR - Eagle Creek (lower)
    OR - Baskett Slough/Mud Slough
    OR - Tualatin River (middle)
    OR - Tualatin River (lower)
    OR - Tualatin River
    OR - Rock Creek (upper)
    OR - Tualatin River/Rock Creek (lower)
    OR - Dairy Creek (lower)
    OR - Dairy Creek, East Fork (upper)
    OR - Dairy Creek, East Fork (lower)
    OR - Dairy Creek, West Fork (lower)
    OR - Dairy Creek, West Fork (middle)
    OR - Dairy Creek, West Fork (upper)
    OR - McKay Creek (upper)
    OR - McKay Creek (lower)
    OR - Gales Creek (lower)
    OR - Gales Creek (upper)
    OR - Gales Creek (middle)
    OR - Lousignont Creek
    OR - Clear Creek
    OR - Coon Creek
    OR - Pebble Creek
    OR - Nehalem River, East Fork
    OR - Gilbert River
    OR - Scappoose Creek/Multnomah Channel
    OR - Deer Island Slough
    OR - Tide Creek
    OR - Goble Creek
    OR - Crooked Creek
    OR - Rock Creek (lower)
    OR - Rock Creek (middle)
    OR - Deer Creek
    OR - Deep Creek
    OR - Plympton Creek
    OR - Fishhawk Creek
    OR - Beaver Creek (middle)
    OR - Clatskanie River (middle)
    WA - Steamboat Creek
    OR - Willamette River, confluence with Columbia River


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