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Freeman, S.L., and I.A. Pfingsten. 2021. First record of Najas marina (Hydrocharitaceae) for Montana and an update on the North American distribution. Phytoneuron 2021-51:1-7.
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Reference Number: 35847
Type: Journal Article
Author: Freeman, S.L., and I.A. Pfingsten
Date (year): 2021
Article Title:First record of Najas marina (Hydrocharitaceae) for Montana and an update on the North American distribution
Journal Name: Phytoneuron
Volume: 2021-51
Pages: 1-7
Keywords: Najas marina, spiny water-nymph, MT
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Najas marina

    MT - Frenchtown Pond
    CA - Upper end of Lake Del Valle south of Livermore
    CA - San Francisco Bay Area; Quarry Lakes Park on Ishewood Rd in Fremont
    CA - San Francisco Bay Area; Shadow Cliff Lake in Pleasanton
    CA - San Francisco Bay Area; Del Valle Reservoir in Livermore
    CA - San Francisco Bay Area; Pond in Del Valle Park, 7000 Del Valle Rd, Livermore
    CA - Lake Chabot; Castro Valley, 17936 Lake Chabot Road
    CA - Lost Lake
    CA - Fresno Slough, Mendota Wildlife Area
    CA - Between Calipatria & Brawley on Imperial Waterfowl Refuge
    CA - Imperial Valley Irrigation District
    CA - Canal above Laguna Dam, Lower Colorado River
    CA - Ramer Lake
    CA - Colorado Desert, along Colorado River at Picacho State Rec. area at Stewart's Lake
    CA - Squaw [sic] Lake, Imperial Reservoir
    CA - Death Valley National Monument, Furnace Creek Ranch
    CA - Eastern San Joaquin Valley. Lake Ming, northeast of Bakersfield
    CA - about 1/2 mi w of Lancaster Road (near Branch Memorial Park, near Los Angeles County line, Edwards Air Force Base); Edwards Air Force Base
    CA - N of El Monte, Peck Road, near Arrow Hwy
    CA - West Lake, Los Angeles-Ventura County line off Highway 101
    CA - Lake Shangri-La: near El Monte
    CA - Los Banos Reservoir c. 7 mi SW of Los Banos
    CA - Coleman Reservoir, ca. 1 km N of Upper Milpitas Rd, 1.6 km W of Mission Crk; Ft Hunter Liggett
    CA - Barton Hill, northwest shore of Lake Berryessa. Walter Springs 7.5' Quad
    CA - Alligator Slough on the Colorado River
    CA - Western Colorado Desert, Indio, lake in municipal golf course [Ave. 42, sea level]
    CA - Canyon Lake, ca. 3.5 miles southeast of Arlington
    CA - Vail Lake area, along west shore of lake 1/2 mi S of dam
    CA - Colorado Desert, Salton Sink: Dos Palmas oasis area
    CA - 1000 Palms Oasis. East facing slope above lake
    CA - Along San Benito River near Hollister, from Union Road to Hospital Road
    CA - San Bernardino Mountains. Cushenbury Springs, lower end of Cushenbury Canyon
    CA - Whipple Mountains: Bass Point day use area, along Parker Dam road
    CA - Whipple Mountains: Gene Wash, toward head. First left off Intake Pump Plant Rd, up canyon past swimming hole. MWD property
    CA - Sweetwater basin [Reservoir?]
    CA - Peninsular Range, Loveland Reservoir, south of Alpine and east of El Cajon, on Sweetwater River
    CA - De Luz Canyon: Along De Luz Creek and near small reservoir, not far from junction of Cottonwood Canyon and De Luz-Murrieta roads
    CA - San Elijo Lagoon
    CA - reservoir, Bishop Ranch, Goleta
    CA - Ramona, in private reservoir near Highway 78. (IPB 12/06)
    CA - South shore of Kumeyaay Lake, Mission Trails Regional Park, San Diego
    CA - Growing in pond, Scripps Miramar Ranch
    CA - Daley Ranch Preserve, north of Escondido, near ranch headquarters. Growing in pond. (IPB 12/06)
    CA - Loveland Reservoir: S of Alpine and Japatul Valley Road; along the south shore, 1.1 air miles E of the dam located at the southeast end of the reservoir
    CA - Poway; Poway Lake, ca I(c) mi E of intersection of Lake Poway Road and Espola Road (County Hwy S-5), on the shoreline of the lake
    CA - Barrett Lake (City of San Diego), Boneyard Canyon on northern edge of east fork, ca 5 miles NNE of junction Barrett Lake Road and Highway 94, adjacent to Hauser Wilderness
    CA - 4 mi nw of Guadalupe (Oso Flaco Lake); Oso Flaco Lake
    CA - La Panza Range. Santa Margarita Lake near Salinas Dam
    CA - Just NE of the airport on the campus of Calif State Polytechnic College, San Luis Obispo
    CA - Berquist Ranch Pond. 12.8 mi N of hwy 58 on Shell Creek Rd
    CA - Sinton Middle Pond on Shell Crk Rd 8.0 mi N of hwy 58
    CA - Tepesquet Vinyard Ponds 4-6 mi S of Shandon on San Juan rd
    CA - Sinton South Pond on Shell Crk Rd 6.4 mi N of hwy 58
    CA - Shepperd's Reservoir, Cal Poly Campus
    CA - Santa Margarita Lake, reservoir formed by dam on Salinas River
    CA - Whale Rock Reservoir, Cayucos
    CA - San Simeon creek drainage; Egeberg Ranch pond; in the lined pond
    CA - SW edge of Laguna Blanca (Hope Ranch Lake); Santa Barbara
    CA - Eastern end of Lake Cachuma
    CA - Los Corrallitos; Pinto Lake
    CA - Sunset Golf Course, Thousand Oaks.
    CA - Lake Casitas. Northern lake shore, S of Rt 150
    CA - Santa Monica Mountains; Lake Sherwood, at edge of lake near fire station
     - Etang Saum�tre, Haiti
     - Etang Lachaux, ca 3 air km SE of Camp Perrin, Haiti
    MN - Big Stone Lake
    MN - Upper Norway Lake
    MN - Big Kandiyohi Lake
    MN - Maple Lake
    MN - off G. Bonham's, Eagle Lake, N. of Willmar
    MN - Bear Paw Point
    MN - National Waterfowl Production Are; NW end of Lee Lake, ca. 6 mi E of Elbow Lake (town) [Redhead Slough Wildlife Management Area]
    MN - 1 mi N of the town of Erskine; E shore of Badger Lake
    MN - [Hasselton Wildlife Management Area] 4.5 mi S of the town of Fosston; W shore of Sandhill [Sand Hill] Lake
    AZ - Colorado River, Searchlight Ferry, ca 25 mi NW of Chloride
    CA - Laguna Res. (Colorado River)
    AZ - Temple Bar on Lake Mead
    MN - Starbuck Marina at W edge of Lake Minnewaska
    MN - Point Lake; ca. 3 miles north of Wilmar
    MN - Lake Anka; 139 acre lake near Ashby
    MN - Lake Christina
    MN - Lake Lizzie; Survey sample station # 138
    MN - Lake Simon; Survey sample station # 1
    MN - Lake Hassel; Survey sample station # 140
    MN - Florida Slough Lake; Survey sample station #10
    MN - Mud Lake (Monongalia); DOW# 34-158; site 103
    MN - Shible Lake; Survey sample station # 6
    MN - W shore of Clear Lake; 12 mi NW of the town of Fergus Falls
    MN - NW shore of Brophy Lake; 3.5 mi NW of the town of Alexandria
    MN - N central and SE shore of Stony Lake; DNR Site# 59
    MN - Lake Andrew; public boat access on SE shore
    MN - N shore of Wall Lake; 5 mi E of the town of Fergus Falls
    MN - NE bay of North Ten Mile Lake; 10 mi SE of the town of Fergus Falls
    AZ - Topock Marsh, Havasu National Wildlife Refuge
    AZ - Cholla Lake
    AZ - Pond at Arivaca Junction
    MN - Mineral Lake; 9 mi SE of the town of Fergus Falls; SE bay of the lake
    MN - NE shore of Florida Slough Lake; 9 mi N of the town of Willmar
    MN - N side of Lake Pelican; near public access
    MN - Lobster Lake; N shore of W bay, ca. 100 m N of public access
    MN - Big Lake, SE bay, N of public access
    MN - Lake Becker, SW bay of lake
    MN - N end of Lake Mina
    MN - Lake Minnewaska
    AZ - Springs, Crittenden
    AZ - Near Ft. Mohave. Colorado River Saw(?)
    AZ - near Yuma
    AZ - Papago Park Fish and Game Pond
    AZ - Mud flats bordering Lake Havasu at Topock
    AZ - Indian Bend Country Club Lake, Scottsdale
    AZ - Babocomari Ranch to area 2 miles east of ranch
    AZ - San Bernadino Ranch; 17 mi. east of Douglas; at 'North Slough'
    AZ - Santa Cruz River near Tucson
    AZ - Castle Dome Annex. Yuma Proving Ground
     - Cuba
    AZ - Indian Hot Springs
    AZ - Tempe, ponds of the Salt River
    AZ - Paradise Valley golf course
    AZ - N shore of Saguaro Lake on Salt River.
    AZ - Gilbert Water Ranch (SE Corner) of Greenway and Guadalupe Rd, Mesa
    AZ - Salt River bed south of gate, on dry river bed.
    AZ - Salt River - Price Drain, upstream and beneath the N101/202 freeway interchange in Tempe
    AZ - Colorado River, Lake Mead National Recreation Area, near shore across from Opal Mountain, NV
    AZ - Quitobaquito Springs
    AZ - Green Valley south of Tucson
    AZ - Agua Caliente Park, Tucson
    AZ - Kennedy Lake, in Kennedy Park; southwestern end of Tucson, off Ajo Way
    AZ - Bingham Swamp, about 2 miles north of Redington; San Pedro Valley
    AZ - Marteniz Lake
     - Lower Colorado River mile #565 (S of Lee's Ferry)
    AZ - Araby Acres Trailer Park 6649 E Hy. 80, Yuma 85365
    CA - San Diego County, US-CA, US
    CA - San Diego County, US-CA, US
    AZ - Santa Cruz River
     - golden isles dairy road, Nassau, Bahamas
     - Laguna Papagayo, Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico
    MN - Glacier Lake, Murray Co.
     - Lake Chanmico, El Salvador
     - Coral Harbor Golf Course, Nassau
     - Lago de Ilopango, El Salvador
     - Cedar Hill, Antigua
     - Twin Lake, Andros Island, Bahamas
     - Agua Caliente Springs, Baja California Sur, Mexico
     - flamingo reserve, Great Inagua, The Bahamas
     - Laguna de Santa Maria del Oro, Nayarit, Mexico
     - Tijuana, Mexico
    MN - Lake Wakanda, MN
     - La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico
     - Sud Department, Haiti
     - La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico
     - San Angel Oasis
     - Arroyo Mulegue
     - Lago de Peten near Flores. Guatemala
     - San Luis R�o Colorado, Son., M�x.
    WI - Wisconsin, US
    CA - California, US
    CA - California, US
    AZ - United States
    CA - San Diego County, US-CA, US
    CA - San Diego County, US-CA, US
    WI - Wisconsin, US
    WI - Wisconsin, US
    OH - Ohio, US
    AZ - Yuma County, US-AZ, US
    UT - Utah, US
    WI - Wisconsin, US
    CA - California, US
     - California, US
    CA - California, US
    AZ - Clark County, US-NV, US
    CA - San Diego County, US-CA, US
    WI - Wisconsin, US
    CA - California, US
     - Reservoir, Arroyo Santa Rita, San Jorge (W of Santiago)
     - W of Mulege; W side of the mountain range in the vicinity of Rancho El Tule, east of San Martin and La Vinorama
     - Estero San Jos�
     - Arroyo en el cruce de la carretera en Cadej�
     - Base del Pil�n de las Parras
     - Arroyo del Rancho Santa Rita del Coyote
     - 1.67 km al NW del Patrocinio (en linea recta)
     - Canal La Polilla, NE of Santa Tecla
     - Lago de Tequesquitengo
     - Azoche, 500 m al S de Ciudad Ayala
     - 200 m al NW de la carr. a Jojutla
     - Dique La Primavera, 4 km al S de Culiac�n
     - Panuco river near Ebano
    NV - Moapa Valley, Center Pond, Blind #32, along shore of pond in a floating mat of aquatic plants, central section of Area, Overton Wildlife Management Area
    NV - spring source (one of several) of Muddy River
    NV - Lake Mead National Recreation Area; Lake Mead Marina
    NV - Panaca Springs
    NV - Pahranagat Valley, Ash Springs
    NV - Mason Valley Wildlife Area, Fort Churchill Cooling Ponds
    NV - Fish Lake Valley, just N of Fish Lake
    NV - UNR Gund Ranch Experiment Station. Cool pond at Walti Ranch
    NV - In the pond at the north side of Panaca
    NV - Duckwater Indian Reservation, Big Warm Springs, just W of NV Hwy 20
    NV - Seepage area north of Dianas Punch Bowl [Monitor Valley]
    NV - White River Valley, Hot Creek Spring
    NV - Blue Eagle spring at the Blue Eagle Ranch, on the NE side of the valley
    NV - Watkin's Ranch, Ash Meadows
    TX - Olmito, Resaca del Rancho Viejo
    TX - Brownsville
    TX - Resaca de los Cuates at Bayview (San Roman)
     - Clipperton Island
    ND - Elsie Lake, Hankinson
    UT - Fish Springs Pond at Fish Springs National Wildlife Refuge
    UT - Blue Lake about 14 miles south of Wendover
    FL - St. Marks Nat'l Wildlife Refuge. Edge of Mounds Pool no. 1
    FL - Fort Myers
    SD - Blue Cloud Abbey, SD
    UT - Great Salt Lake, Spring Bay
    UT - Porcupine Reservoir
    FL - N Merritt's Island
    FL - Fort Lauderdale, FL
    FL - Mosquito control cannals at Homosassa Spring
    FL - Along US Route 41 about 1 mile east of Collier-Seminole State Park
    FL - Palm Creek, near Cape Romano
    FL - Fairchild Tropical Garden
    FL - Fort Pickens, Santa Rosa Island, FL
    FL - Sanibel Island, FL
    FL - Waccasassa Bay State Preserve
    FL - N side of the Manatee River, E of US 41-301 between Palmetto and Ellenton
    FL - Salt Spring, ONF
    FL - on edge of ponds along road just east of Homestead Air Force Base
    FL - Longboat Key, W of Gulf of Mexico Drive ca. 0.1 mi. NW of entrance to golf course
    FL - pond 2 mi NE of Flamingo
    NM - Chaves Co., NM
    NM - Eddy Co., NM
    NM - Lincoln Co., NM
    NM - Otero Co., NM
    CA - Clear Lake
    NV - Huntington Valley, NV
    CA - Ft Bragg, MacKerricher State Park
    CA - Irvine Lake W shore, 1300 NW from entrance kiosk
    CA - Lake Mission Viejo
    CA - Laguna Lake, Fullerton
    UT - Utah Lake
     - Pine Cay, Caicos
    FL - Sand Point, FL
    FL - NW South Lake, FL
    FL - Cuthbert Lake, FL
    FL - West Lake, FL
     - iguana cove, albemarle island, Galapagos
     - Caledonia Harbor, San Blas, Panama
     - Great Harbour Cay, Berry Islands, Bahamas
     - Great Abaco near Sandy Point airstrip
     - Great Exuma: 1 mile N.W. of Mt. Thompson
     - Great Inagua: near John Gray Hill
     - Great Inagua: Conch Shell Point pond
     - Long Island: Grays
     - South Bimini: Duck Pond near airport
     - Sandino, Cuba
     - Las Marias de Neyba, Baoruco, Dominican Republic
     - Barahona: Cabral, Laguna Rincon
     - Laguna Lim�n, El Seibo, Dominican Republic
     - Independencia: Cristobal, Laguna Rincon
     - Laguna Saladilla, monte cristi, Dominican Republic
     - Puerto Plata: Laguna Cabarete
     - Gona'ives, Desdunes, Plaine de L'Artibonite
     - Etang Bois-Neuf, S.W. of St. Marc
     - L'Ouest: Etang Saumatre
     - Trou ca'iman
     - Nord: Etang Romeo
     - Sud: Etang Miragoane
     - Etang Cocodillo, S.E. of Camp Perrin
     - Etang Pernele, N. of Port-a-Piment
     - Anse-a-Veau
     - Parish St. Andrew: Mona Reservoir, Jamaica
     - Parish St. Catherine, Salt Island Lagoon
     - Parish St. Elizabeth, Broad River: 1 mile W.S.W. of Burnt Savanna
     - Lago de Coatepeque, Santa Ana, El Salvador
     - between Canipole and Comondu, Baja California


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