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Farid, A. (curator). 2018. University of South Florida Herbarium (USF). University of South Florida, Tampa, FL.
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Reference Number: 10661
Type: Database
Author: Farid, A. (curator).
Date (year): 2018
Title:University of South Florida Herbarium (USF)
Publisher:University of South Florida
Publisher Location:Tampa, FL
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Keywords: Scleria, Salvinia, Hygrophila, Marsilea, Spirodela from FL only, herbarium
Species Profiles and Specimens that use this Reference:

Aeschynomene fluitans

    FL - Dosson Lake
    FL - Dosson Lake

Alternanthera philoxeroides

    FL - Tradewinds Park, Coconut Creek, I-95 to Sample Road, West on Sample Road past Florida Turnpike

Azolla pinnata

    FL - Loxahatchee River watershed, along a N-S canal
    FL - small wetland, S of SW Coquina Cove Way, Palm City

Bacopa repens

    FL - By the N or W side of Immokalee Road, ca. 2–7 mi. from the intersection of Immokalee Road and Oil Well Grade Road (this distance measured along Immokalee Road, progressing toward Immokalee from Oil Well Grade Road)

Cabomba palaeformis

    FL - Snapper Creek Canal along Red Road at SW 104 Street, across from Pinecrest School
    FL - Canal along N side of NW 25th Street just E of intersection of NW 25th Street and NW 79th Avenue

Cyperus blepharoleptos

    FL - Hawk's Hammock Park. Along the W boundary of the property; S of I-95, W of FL 76A, entrance from Markel Street, 1 mi. W of FL 76A.
    FL - Between Port Mayaca and Indiantown, along FL 76 and the St. Lucie Canal, ca. 1.5 mi. E of Port Mayaca.

Enydra fluctuans

    FL - ditch along the E side of Manhattan Avenue just S of the intersection of Manhattan Avenue and Rembrandt Drive on the Interbay Peninsula

Filipendula ulmaria

    MN - Ca. 3 mi. N of Duluth, along shore of Lake Superior.

Heteranthera limosa

    FL - Mitigation Bank, wetland creation area. Ca. 1.5 mi. S of South Mobley Road, ca. 2.5 mi. W of Citrus Park. T28S, R17E, Sec. 9.
    FL - Lake Trafford area, W of Immokalee
    FL - Ag. field, 0.75 mi. W of US 41 along dirt road between Lake Carlton and Lake Beuclair, near Zellwood. T20S, R27E, Sec. 8.
    FL - Lake Amory, littoral zone, shoreline
    FL - Wet farm field, SE corner of SW 360th Street and 167th Avenue
    FL - Flooded ditch bordering golf course along SE side of Paige Place, opposite St. Timothy's Catholic Church, The Villages

Hydrilla verticillata verticillata

    FL - roadside ditch, 23rd Street, Vero Beach
    GA - Juliette Dam At Ocmulgee River, East Juliette
    FL - Along Reservation Road 0.5 Mi. N Of Fl 84, 1.5 Mi. E Of The Collier County Line; Ca. 27 Mi. W Of Andytown. T49s, R35e.
    FL - Collins Mill Creek above Broad Street, Milton
    FL - Blue Creek at Valee Raod, below Vortex Springs, Bonifay

Hygrophila polysperma

    FL - Myakka River, 1/4 mi. S of the bridge along the hiking trail, T37S, R20E, Sec.21, SW1/4 of SE 1/4
    FL - Myakka River State Park, Upper Lake Myakka, T37S, R20E, Sec. 11

Hymenachne amplexicaulis

    FL - Tippen Bay, Ca. 4.4 Air Mi. W Of The De Soto/highlands County Line Road, At A Point Ca. 6.5 Mi. S Of The Junction With Fl 70, Ca. 20 Mi. Ese Of Arcadia; Paul Ranch. T39s, R27e, Sec. 8
    FL - Fl 72, Ca. 1 Mi. E Of The Myakka River Bridge In Marsh On S Side Of Road. T37s, R20e, Sec. 28, Se¼ Of Nw¼.
    FL - Churchill Ranch On Border Road, Part Of Deer Prairie Creek Preserve, Ca. 2.3 Km Ene Of The Junction Of I-75 And C-777 (river Road). T39s, R20e, Sec. 5. 27º 7’ 3” N 82º 19’ 40” W
    FL - Deer Prairie Creek Preserve. Jordyn Parcel; N Parcel Limit 4.5 Mi. E Of The Intersection Of South Moon Drive And Border Road, I-75 Borders To The S. 27º 6’ 18” N 82º 16’ 5” W
    FL - Lower Green Swamp Preserve. E Of Old Wooden Bridge Over Blackwater Creek And Ca. 3 Mi. E Of The Junction Of Blackwater Creek With Fl 39. T27s, R22e, Sec. 15, N½.
    FL - E Fringe Of Pelican Marsh, Ca. 0.5 Mi. E Of Naples Park, N Of Naples. T48s, R25e, Sec's 27, 34, 35.
    FL - In Front Of Pioneeer Creek Rv Resort, Us 17, Bowling Green. 27º 37’ 36” N 81º 49’ 28” W
    FL - Myakka Wild And Scenic River. Just N Of Fl 72. T37s, R20e, Sec. 28, Nw¼ Of Ne¼ Of Nw¼.
    FL - 11 Mi. E Of The Junction Of Us 27 And Fl 70, Buck Island Ranch.
    FL - Collier-seminole State Park. Burn Zone 3, In Road Along N Fenceline. T51s, R27e, Sec, 26.
    FL - Reedy Creek Swamp. Ca. 3.25 Air Mi. Se Of The Intersection Of C-531 (pleasant Hill Road) And West Southport Road. 28º 7’ 15” N 81º 24’ 58” W
    FL - Town Of Davie; E And S Sides Of Shenandoah Square (shopping Center), 13600 Fl 84, Davie. 26º 6’ 57” N 80º 19’ 50” W
    FL - Nicodemus Slough; Se Corner Of Property, Just W Of Fl 78, Ca. 5.05 Mi. N Of Us 27. 26º 54’ 27” N 81º 7’ 26” W
    FL - Wingate Creek State Preserve. T35s, R22e, Sec. 7, Sw¼ Of Ne¼ Of Nw¼.
    FL - Fisheating Creek Wildlife Management Area. 470 M Ne Of The Junction Of Us 27 And Fl 29, 440 M. N Of Us 27. T41s, R30e, Sec. 10, Nw¼ Of Ne¼.
    FL - Ca. 6.5 Air Mi. Se Of The Intersection Of C-531 (pleasant Hill Road) And West Southport Road. 28º 5’ 6” N 81º 21’ 58” W
    FL - Lower Green Swamp Preserve. Blackwater Creek Floodplain, E Of Wooden Bridge Over Blackwater Creek, N Of Blackwater Creek. T27s, R22e, Sec. 15, N½.
    FL - Ca. 0.8 Mi. Wnw Of Ona. T34s, R24e, Sec. 29, Sw¼ Of Se¼.
    FL - Ca. 2.4 Km Nne Of The Junction Of Fl 31 And C-74 (bermont Road), On A Ca. 4.5 Km² Parcel Of Land On The E Side Of Fl 31. 26º 57’ 59” N 81º 45’ 22” W
    FL - Paynes Creek Historic State Park. S Of Lake Branch Road (c-664a), Ca. 150 M W Of The County Bridge Over Peace River. 27º 37’ 30” N 81º 48’ 15” W
    FL - Highlands Hammock State Park. "south Property", In Canal. T35s, R28e, Sec. 19.
    FL - St. Johns Marsh; Just W Of Lake Hellen Blazes, 4 Mi. E Of The Osceola County Line, 2 Mi. Se Of Jane Green Creek, And 6 Mi. S Of Fl 192. T28s, R35e, Sec. 26, 27.
    FL - Ca. 0.1 Mi. S Of Corkscrew Road At A Point 0.1 Mi. W Of The Junction With Alico Road, Ca. 4.8 Mi. E Of I-75 Corkscrew Road Exit, Ca. 9 Air Mi. Ne Of Bonita Springs; Sfwmd Isolated Wetland Fp2w, Flint Pen Swamp. T46s, R26e, Sec. 22, Sw¼ Of Sw¼.
    FL - Lake Frances Nature Preserve; S Of Fence, 0.8 Km S Of The Pasco County Line, 3.15 Km E Of The Pinellas County Line, 2.75 Km N Of Fl 582, Odessa. 28º 9’ 57” N 82º 37’ 9” W
    FL - Avon Park Air Force Bombing Range Just W Of The East Fence Road Where It Curves Ca. 0.1 Mi. W Of And Away From The E Fence And Intersects With Another Road At The Ne Side Of The Bombing Range. 27º 42’ 45” N 81º 13’ 1” W
    FL - Retention Pond On E Side Of Pinellas Trail, S Side Of Oceanview Avenue In Palm Harbor. T27s, R15e, Sec. 35, N½. 28º 6’ 0” N 82º 46’ 28” W
    FL - Prairie/shell Creek (southwest Florida Water Management Distict Property); 1.6 Km W Of Us 17, 0.25 Km S Of Royal Palm Drive. 26º 59’ 49” N 81º 58’ 31” W
    FL - Six Mile Cypress Preserve; N Edge Of Strand Swamp, Just S Of Fl 82, E Of I-75, E Of Powerline Easement. 26º 37’ 34” N 81º 46’ 47” W
    FL - Mitigation Site #55, Area B, S Of The Fawn Ridge Subdivision And W Of Sheldon Road (c-589) In Citrus Park. T28s, R17e, Sec. 10.

Ipomoea aquatica

    FL - Fish Hawk Ranch, ca. 2 mi. NE of Boyette

Iris pseudacorus

    NC - Threemile Creek at North Toe River confluence. Junction of US 19E and NC 194, between Elk Park and Heaton
    NC - low marshy area behind Craige Dormitory, UNC Campus

Landoltia punctata

    FL - Lake Seminole, north of Sneads
    FL - O'leno State Park
    FL - roadside ditch along C-229, 1.1 mi N of C-130; ca. 1.7 mi SE of Sanderson, T3S, RE, sec 13, SW of SE
    FL - On US 98, 3.3 miles E of Brooksville, junction US 410
    FL - Roadside pond, FL 70, 24.7 mi E of junction with FL 675, 2.4 mi W of De Soto county line
    FL - roadside ditch on Hwy 31, 14.4 miles S of De Soto county line, ca. 19 mi SE of Punta Gorda
    FL - canal along FL 846 about 4 miles east of Immokalee
    FL - 1.8 mi W of junction of FL 329 and FL 320, T12S, R30E. sect. 7, SE 1/4 wet roadside ditch near small pond
    FL - near bridge over Manatee River at junction of FL 675 and FL 64, shoreline
    FL - N side of FL 44, 1 mi WNW of I-75.T18S, R22E, section 33 [Location approximate plotted by hand]
    FL - Milton, in Pill Branch, a tributary to the Blackwater River, where it is crossed by the railroad W of rt 191, in NE 1/4 NW 1/4, sec 10.
    FL - Lake City (north edge), along rt 441
    FL - Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary
    FL - Section 9, Township 38, range 23 E, ca 1.5 mi S of State road 72, about 2.5 mi east of the De Soto and Sarasota county line
    FL - Carrolwood sewage treatment oxidation pond
    FL - I-4 near Plant City, 6.7 mi E of HWY 579 exit
    FL - Trout Creek, NE of USF campus, Tampa
    FL - Oscar Scherer State Park, in ruderal area along park boundary, blackwater stream
    FL - Green Swamp hiking trail, along former Seaboard Coast Line RR, at Bay Lake Road, ca 8 mi SSE of Mabel
    FL - Roadside ditch near Tarpon Springs, US 19
    FL - Chinsegut Hill Refuge, Burns Prairie, mature pinewood, weedy hardwood understory
    FL - Wingate Creek St Preserve

Limnophila indica

    FL - Corner of 9th St N and 90th Ave N, in Salix/Juncus marsh, R16T, T30S, Sec24, NE of SE.
    FL - Cypress [Taxodium] swamp at end of Shanewood Court off of Town Loop Boulevard
    GA - Lake Seminole, Spring Creek arm

Ludwigia cf. grandiflora/hexapetala

    NC - 1 mi. N of US 17 on Wrightsboro Road

Ludwigia hexapetala

    NC - in ditch, junction of US 401 and 70 in Raleigh

Lumnitzera racemosa

    FL - Fairchild Tropical Gardens. Plot 159
    FL - From Fairchild Tropical Garden plot 81

Marsilea macropoda

    FL - Sarasota, banks of drainage ditch along 51 St., just east of Rt 301
    FL - Adjacent to a row of houses at the W end of 9th Street, W of US 29, Immokalee
    FL - Adjacent to a row of houses at the W end of 9th Street, W of US 29, Immokalee

Marsilea minuta

    FL - BCT Boggy Creek at Taft-Vineland Road
    FL - Moist roadside ditch at NW corner of Lownde Ave and Grundy St

Marsilea quadrifolia

    CT - Bantam Lake
    MA - University of Massachuesettes campus, Amherst
    MA - The Holt, Concord River
    NY - Wawarsing

Marsilea sp.

    FL - Billy [Little Charlie] Bowlegs Creek, Highlands Hammock State Park

Marsilea vestita

    FL - Apalachicola, W side of Market Street, 0.2 mi N from junction with Ave. "F", open exposed area

Myriophyllum aquaticum

    FL - In Niceville, at the city park along Bayshore Drive off E side of road at the Bass Creek culvert

Nymphaea lotus

    FL - W side of US 41, 12.7 mi. S of its junction with FL 17 in Punta Gorda, 1.3 mi. S of Zemel Road, 1.1 mi. N of the Lee County line
    FL - W side of Lake Marion, due E of Greenelefe Golf Course
    FL - E side of US 27 in Palmdale, 2.7 mi. N of the junction with FL 29; George Jones property by RV park
    FL - Bonita Springs

Nymphoides cristata

    FL - Lake Tarpon, John Chestnut Park, at boardwalk on N side of boat ramp canal

Nymphoides grayana

    FL - Bonita Springs, just E of I-75, private irrigation pond

Nymphoides humboldtiana

    FL - Bass Lake, Fort Walton Beach
    FL - Fort Walton Beach, east end of Bass Lake, accessed from Mooney Road
    FL - Ward Lake, Braden River
    FL - Braden River, near Braden River Oaks

Phyllanthus fluitans

    FL - Morgan Park, ca. 0.5 mi. E and 0.1 mi. N of the FL 70 and FL 72 junction; Peace River floodplain
    FL - Peace River, near Harbour Heights

Salvinia minima

    FL - Big Bend Road, S of Adamsville
    FL - Ocala National Forest, toward E central boundary
    FL - pond near Clermont
    FL - Homosassa River
    FL - pond on Dale Mabry Hwy and Van Dyke Rd [by Crenshaw Lake]
    FL - Nobleton [near]
    FL - US 41 and Big Bend Rd, SE of Tampa
    FL - Withlacoochee River marsh, Trails End Rd, boat landing at the Fishing Camp
    FL - Malabar Cape, S of Indialantic to Sebastian Inlet, US A-1A, St. Johns River bridge on US 192
    FL - Black Creek, Old Cutler Rd, between Coral Gables and Homestead

Scleria eggersiana

    FL - S end of Okaloacoochee Slough

Scleria microcarpa

    FL - Lake Hatchineha, in Cobb Marsh near confluence with Lake Kissimmee

Selaginella uncinata

    LA - yard of Pennybaker residence, Jefferson Ave


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