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Reference Number: 15934
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Author: Hurd, Marty.
Date (year): 1997
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Title:Oconectes virilis records from Maryland.
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Publisher:Maryland DNR.
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Location: NAS
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Keywords: invertebrates crustaceans crayfish Orconectes virilis Maryland
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Faxonius virilis

    MD - Midway Branch, Site Code: AA-N-092-225-97
    MD - Dorsey Run, Site Code: AA-N-152-304-97
    MD - Franklin Branch, Site Code: AA-N-337-102-97
    MD - Stemmers Run, Site Code: BA-N-001-211-96
    MD - Herring Run (PP), Site Code: BA-N-045-223-96
    MD - Red House Run, Site Code: BA-N-047-128-96
    MD - Stemmers Run, Site Code: BA-N-065-215-96
    MD - Beaverdam Run, Site Code: BA-P-025-102-96
    MD - Green Branch, Site Code: BA-P-057-209-96
    MD - North Branch Patapsco River, Site Code: BA-P-077-315-96
    MD - Carroll Branch UT1, Site Code: BA-P-103-124-96
    MD - Prettyboy Branch, Site Code: BA-P-116-114-96
    MD - Scotts Level Branch, Site Code: BA-P-125-126-96
    MD - Gwynns Falls, Site Code: BA-P-144-322-96
    MD - Gwynns Falls, Site Code: BA-P-145-316-96
    MD - Gwynns Falls, Site Code: BA-P-145-327-96
    MD - Little Falls (GU), Site Code: BA-P-156-208-96
    MD - Carroll Branch, Site Code: BA-P-160-205-96
    MD - Murphy Run, Site Code: BA-P-191-211-96
    MD - Piney Creek, Site Code: BA-P-202-202-96
    MD - Little Falls (GU), Site Code: BA-P-238-311-96
    MD - Second Mine Branch, Site Code: BA-P-242-210-96
    MD - Gwynns Falls UT1, Site Code: BA-P-262-111-96
    MD - Councilmans Run, Site Code: BA-P-302-115-96
    MD - Long Green Creek, Site Code: BA-P-315-301-96
    MD - Piney Run (GU), Site Code: BA-P-322-203-96
    MD - Beetree Run, Site Code: BA-P-333-303-96
    MD - Carroll Branch, Site Code: BA-P-340-214-96
    MD - Piney Run (GU), Site Code: BA-P-341-212-96
    MD - Gunpowder Falls, Site Code: BA-P-379-307-96
    MD - Oregon Branch, Site Code: BA-P-403-106-96
    MD - Gwynns Falls, Site Code: BA-P-410-203-96
    MD - Stony Run 2 (PP), Site Code: BC-N-012-120-96
    MD - Herring Run (PP), Site Code: BC-P-003-228-96
    MD - Dead Run, Site Code: BC-P-005-318-96
    MD - Dead Run, Site Code: BC-P-005-306-96
    MD - Conowingo Creek, Site Code: CE-P-071-305-97
    MD - Long Arm Creek, Site Code: CR-P-000-939-97
    MD - Long Arm Creek UT1, Site Code: CR-P-000-940-97
    MD - Sheppard-Meyers Reservoir UT1, Site Code: CR-P-000-938-97
    MD - Bear Branch, Site Code: CR-P-019-201-96
    MD - North Branch Patapsco River UT3, Site Code: CR-P-020-208-96
    MD - Gillis Falls UT1, Site Code: CR-P-026-109-96
    MD - Silver Run, Site Code: CR-P-035-216-96
    MD - Gunpowder Falls, Site Code: CR-P-047-316-96
    MD - Gunpowder Falls, Site Code: CR-P-070-314-96
    MD - Gillis Falls, Site Code: CR-P-086-313-96
    MD - Gillis Falls, Site Code: CR-P-086-325-96
    MD - Turkeyfoot Run Creek, Site Code: CR-P-094-349-96
    MD - Piney Creek (MP), Site Code: CR-P-116-316-96
    MD - South Branch Patapsco River, Site Code: CR-P-120-232-96
    MD - Piney Creek (MP), Site Code: CR-P-142-324-96
    MD - Roaring Run, Site Code: CR-P-149-118-96
    MD - Piney Creek (MP), Site Code: CR-P-156-314-96
    MD - Big Pipe Creek UT3, Site Code: CR-P-162-207-96
    MD - Gunpowder Falls, Site Code: CR-P-171-306-96
    MD - Big Pipe Creek UT1, Site Code: CR-P-180-124-96
    MD - Beaver Run, Site Code: CR-P-193-311-96
    MD - Big Pipe Creek, Site Code: CR-P-205-319-96
    MD - Piney Run (PP) UT2, Site Code: CR-P-234-216-96
    MD - East Branch Patapsco River, Site Code: CR-P-242-224-96
    MD - Big Pipe Creek, Site Code: CR-P-243-333-96
    MD - Beaver Run, Site Code: CR-P-260-210-96
    MD - Little Pipe Creek, Site Code: CR-P-263-332-96
    MD - Copps Branch, Site Code: CR-P-295-128-96
    MD - Bear Branch, Site Code: CR-P-318-338-96
    MD - East Branch Patapsco River, Site Code: CR-P-330-201-96
    MD - East Branch Patapsco River, Site Code: CR-P-330-229-96
    MD - Little Morgan Run 2 (PP) UT2, Site Code: CR-P-341-121-96
    MD - East Branch Patapsco River, Site Code: CR-P-344-219-96
    MD - Morgan Run, Site Code: CR-P-345-321-96
    MD - Piney Run (PP), Site Code: CR-P-363-212-96
    MD - Piney Run (PP), Site Code: CR-P-363-230-96
    MD - Meadow Branch Big Pipe Creek, Site Code: CR-P-365-219-96
    MD - Bear Branch, Site Code: CR-P-374-343-96
    MD - Piney Run (PP) UT3, Site Code: CR-P-376-104-96
    MD - Piney Run (PP) UT3, Site Code: CR-P-376-119-96
    MD - Piney Creek (MP) UT1, Site Code: CR-P-406-102-96
    MD - North Branch Patapsco River, Site Code: CR-P-409-320-96
    MD - Gillis Falls, Site Code: CR-P-419-227-96
    MD - Beaver Run, Site Code: CR-P-999-323-96
    MD - Beaver Run, Site Code: CR-P-999-323-95
    MD - Friends Creek, Site Code: FR-B-032-206-96
    MD - Catoctin Creek UT1, Site Code: FR-B-065-111-96
    MD - Flat Run (MP), Site Code: FR-P-009-341-96
    MD - Turkey Creek, Site Code: FR-P-038-139-96
    MD - Haines Branch, Site Code: FR-P-046-227-96
    MD - Tuscarora Creek, Site FR-P-093-237-96
    MD - Fahrney Branch, Site Code: FR-P-101-233-96
    MD - Ballenger Creek, Site Code: FR-P-103-230-96
    MD - Monocacy River UT1, Site Code: FR-P-111-134-96
    MD - Cabbage Run, Site Code: FR-P-116-221-96
    MD - Little Hunting Creek, Site Code: FR-P-132-320-96
    MD - Beaver Dam Creek, Site Code: FR-P-223-225-96
    MD - Hunting Creek (MP) UT1, Site Code: FR-P-261-122-96
    MD - Middle Creek, Site Code: FR-P-265-335-96
    MD - Church Branch of Bush Creek, Site Code: FR-P-275-239-96
    MD - Ballenger Creek UT2, Site Code: FR-P-277-115-96
    MD - High Run, Site Code: FR-P-288-133-96
    MD - Monocacy River UT4, Site Code: FR-P-335-110-96
    MD - Ballenger Creek, Site Code: FR-P-349-204-96
    MD - Fahrney Branch UT1, Site Code: FR-P-351-112-96
    MD - Motters Run, Site Code: FR-P-371-132-96
    MD - Addison Run, Site Code: FR-P-409-210-96
    MD - Bens Branch, Site Code: FR-P-461-251-96
    MD - Clemson Branch, Site Code: FR-P-462-346-96
    MD - Sams Creek, Site Code: FR-P-474-302-96
    MD - Bush Creek, Site Code: FR-P-545-345-96
    MD - East Branch Winters Run, Site Code: HA-P-001-205-96
    MD - Heavenly Waters, Site Code: HA-P-038-106-96
    MD - Broad Creek, Site Code: HA-P-071-318-97
    MD - Broad Creek, Site Code: HA-P-138-302-97
    MD - Winters Run, Site Code: HA-P-141-303-96
    MD - Broad Creek UT2, Site Code: HA-P-142-105-97
    MD - Broad Creek, Site Code: HA-P-186-308-97
    MD - Patuxent River UT6, Site Code: HO-N-022-104-97
    MD - Dorsey Branch to Little Patuxent River, Site Code: HO-N-038-204-97
    MD - Little Patuxent River, Site Code: HO-N-039-114-97
    MD - Little Patuxent River, Site Code: HO-P-002-321-97
    MD - Cabin Branch, Site Code: HO-P-083-235-97
    MD - Hay Meadow Branch UT1, Site Code: HO-P-094-116-96
    MD - Little Patuxent River UT1, Site Code: HO-P-098-224-97
    MD - Cattail Creek, Site Code: HO-P-104-219-97
    MD - South Branch Patapsco River UT2, Site Code: HO-P-115-204-96
    MD - Patuxent River, Site Code: HO-P-132-312-97
    MD - Triadelphia Reservoir UT2 UT1, Site Code: HO-P-143-109-97
    MD - South Branch Patapsco River, Site Code: HO-P-151-222-96
    MD - South Branch Patapsco River UT6, Site Code: HO-P-154-125-96
    MD - Cattail Creek, Site Code: HO-P-158-309-97
    MD - Cattail Creek UT1, Site Code: HO-P-169-111-97
    MD - South Branch Patapsco River UT7, Site Code: HO-P-182-207-96
    MD - Cattail Creek UT2, Site Code: HO-P-191-116-97
    MD - Patuxent River, Site Code: HO-P-194-310-97
    MD - Patuxent River, Site Code: HO-P-214-311-97
    MD - Dorsey Run, Site Code: HO-P-239-217-97
    MD - Broad Run (PW), Site Code: MO-P-016-227-97
    MD - Little Seneca Creek, Site Code: MO-P-024-315-97
    MD - Hawlings River, Site Code: MO-P-035-227-97
    MD - Northwest Branch Anacostia River, Site Code: MO-P-056-319-97
    MD - Mainstem Patuxent River, Site Code: MO-P-059-320-97
    MD - Muddy Branch, Site Code: MO-P-091-204-97
    MD - Rock Creek (PW) UT2, Site Code: MO-P-101-126-97
    MD - Dry Seneca Creek, Site Code: MO-P-102-308-97
    MD - Hawlings River, Site Code: MO-P-126-206-97
    MD - Rock Creek (PW) UT1, Site Code: MO-P-153-113-97
    MD - Dry Seneca Creek, Site Code: MO-P-190-302-97
    MD - Rocky Gorge Reservoir UT1, Site Code: MO-P-204-137-97
    MD - Broad Run (PW), Site Code: MO-P-206-311-97
    MD - Hawlings River, Site Code: MO-P-213-205-97
    MD - Hawlings River, Site Code: MO-P-245-303-97
    MD - Little Monocacy River UT1 UT1, Site Code: MO-P-251-115-97
    MD - Patuxent River, Site Code: MO-P-252-323-97
    MD - Sligo Creek, Site Code: MO-P-269-203-97
    MD - Mill Creek (PW) UT1, Site Code: MO-P-308-117-97
    MD - Great Seneca Creek, Site Code: MO-P-333-207-97
    MD - Little Seneca Creek UT1, Site Code: MO-P-428-106-97
    MD - Rock Creek (PW), Site Code: MO-P-437-206-97
    MD - Seneca Creek, Site Code: MO-P-474-317-97
    MD - Potomac River UT10, Site Code: MO-P-481-101-97
    MD - Little Bennett Creek, Site Code: MO-P-495-312-96
    MD - Broad Run (PW) UT1, Site Code: MO-P-496-215-97


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