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Pennsylvania Flora Database. 2011. Pennsylvania Flora Project. Morris Arboretum at the University of Pennsylvania (MOAR), Philadelphia, PA.
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Reference Number: 10518
Type: Database
Author: Pennsylvania Flora Database.
Date (year): 2011
Title:Pennsylvania Flora Project
Publisher:Morris Arboretum at the University of Pennsylvania (MOAR)
Publisher Location:Philadelphia, PA
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Created on:
Keywords: Pennsylvania, Myriophyllum, Lobelia, Glossostigma
Species Profiles and Specimens that use this Reference:

Butomus umbellatus

    PA - Elk Creek, 20 mi W of Erie along Lake Erie at mouth
    PA - Elk Creek, mouth
    PA - Elk Creek, mouth
    PA - Elk Creek, near mouth
    PA - Presque Isle, near old police barracks-administration building
    PA - Presque Isle State Park, on trail from Budny Beach parking lot to Thompson Bay
    PA - Presque Isle State Park

Cabomba caroliniana

    PA - Harveys Lake
    PA - Bristol, 4.8 km N; Black Ditch
    PA - Queen Anne Station (Unable to locate)
    PA - New Castle, int of Rt 338 and 422, ca 4 mi SE
    PA - Conneaut Lake. 116 deg & 1.85 mi from center of Meadville jct
    PA - 4.1 miles W of Nesquehoning, in pond 0.15 mile north of route 54
    PA - Conneaut Lake, W side

Callitriche stagnalis

    PA - Tacony
    PA - Morris Arboretum
    PA - Reading, 2 blocks N of Car Barns
    PA - Osterburg, 1.25 mi NW
    PA - Edgely, branch of Mill Creek at Green Lane, ca 1 mi WNW
    PA - Eagle, 2 mi NE
    PA - Church Hill, just W

Egeria densa

    PA - Broomalls Lake, near Media
    PA - Fairmount Park
    PA - Haverford, 0.25 mi W
    PA - Bristol, 2.4 km NW

Glossostigma cleistanthum

    PA - Lake Galena, north and south shores.Peace Valley Park, county park west of Doylestown.
    PA - Lake Galena, north side near dam. Peace Valley Park, county park west of Doylestown.

Hydrilla verticillata peregrina

    PA - Schuylkill River, at E side of Schuylkill between Boathouse Row & Girard Ave brg
    PA - Lake Nockamixon

Iris pseudacorus

    PA - Towanda, 8.5 mi SW
    PA - Pymatuning Swamp, near Hartstown
    PA - Sandy Lake, Stoneboro
    PA - Warren
    PA - Deer lick, near Sheffield
    PA - Pymatuning Swamp, near Hartstown
    PA - Canadohta Lake, 6 mi NW
    PA - Solebury Township, just N of Tyburn, water's edge of Pennsylvania Canal
    PA - Tullytown, W
    PA - Pymatuning Swamp, Blair Bridge Road and RR tracks
    PA - Presque Isle, in Lake Erie
    PA - Sinking Creek Valley, 1 mi SW Culp
    PA - Sharpsville, along Rt 846, 10 mi NNE
    PA - 4.5 mi S Summitt Mills
    PA - Presque Isle State Park
    PA - Yellow Creek, bottomland 2 mi ESE Loysburg
    PA - Lake Arthur, Moraine State Park
    PA - Pittsburgh, along Dithridge St
    PA - Loucks Mill, 2 mi NW

Landoltia punctata

    PA - Little Marsh, 2 mi WNW

Ludwigia grandiflora

    PA - Reading, 0.25 mi NW of mouth of Tulpehocken Creek
    PA - Reading, Cacoosing Creek, at Van Reed's about 3 mi. W of Reading
    PA - Reading, about 1 mi. below Van Reeds and 2 mi. W of Reading
    PA - Van Reed Mill, 2.5 mi. N of West Lawn
    PA - Reading, in Tulpehocken Creek, near its mouth
    PA - Media, Broomalls Dam
    PA - Gibraltar, at the mouth of Allegheny Creek, 0.4 mi. NNW of Gibraltar
    PA - Montclare, shore canal .5 mi N. of Montclare
    PA - Mont Clare, Upper Providence Twp.

Marsilea quadrifolia

    PA - Swarthmore College, .75 mi NW
    PA - Birmingham Township, slough on side of Rt 100, below Meeting House Rd
    PA - Weisel, 0.6 mi WSW

Myriophyllum spicatum

    PA - Stone Valley Lake [=Lake Perez]
    PA - Mud Lake, State Game Lands Number 214, East Fallowfield Township
    PA - Conneaut Lake, Fireman's Beach
    PA - Robbins Pond, State Game Lands Number 214, West Fallowfield Township
    PA - Conneauttee Creek, 0.1 mi E of Rd 99. .1 mile upstream from Mill Creek Dam.
    PA - French Creek, 0.9 mi S of Rt 198 bridge, Saegertown.
    PA - State Game Lands Number 213, 325 deg and 2.9 mi from int Rts 285 and 19, Vernon Township
    PA - Union City, one mile East, Fish Hatchery outlet on Rt. 6.
    PA - Delaware River, upstream from Calhoun Street Bridge, Morrisville.
    PA - Delaware River, Raubs Island.
    PA - Delaware River, near railroad bridge, 1.2 km ESE Yardley.
    PA - Glendale Lake, Prince Gallitzin State Park
    PA - Sugar Lake, north edge
    PA - Churchville Reservoir.
    PA - Presque Isle State Park, inside tip of Gull Point
    PA - Crystal Lake, Pymatuning
    PA - Churchville Reservoir.
    PA - White Oak Pond
    PA - State Game Lands Number 218, Hammett Quad., 236 deg and 1.7 mi from jct Rt 8 and township line, adjacent to the dam
    PA - Pymatuning Swamp, 0.4 mi S of Tr 285 and E of towpath, along the E side of Erie Extension.
    PA - Bedford, 1.75 mi ESE
    PA - Stone Valley
    PA - Morrisville, in in the Pennsylvania Canal, E. Trenton Ave
    PA - Delaware River, Keifer Island, above island.
    PA - Delaware River, Hendrick Island, between the island and the mainland.
    PA - Tohickon Creek, W of Rt 611, 1 mi NNW of Pipersville.
    PA - Delaware River, Morrisville, near railroad bridge.
    PA - Biles Creek, Biles Island, near upper end of Biles Island in Biles Creek.
    PA - Neshaminy Creek, above Hulmeville Rd. (Rt. 513) Hulmeville.
    PA - Delaware River, 0.5 km above mouth of Poquessing Creek, Andalusia.
    PA - Delaware River, small bay at NE end of Franklin Cove, Tulleytown.
    PA - Spring Mount, pond at base of ski slope.
    PA - Pennypack Creek, between Frankfort and Torresdale Avenues, Holmesburg.
    PA - Schuylkill River, west side, just above the Fairmount Dam.
    PA - Thompson Bay, along north shore, Presque Isle State Park.
    PA - Edinboro Lake, SE shore just W of Rt 99, Washington Township
    PA - Ridge Valley Creek, behind the dam, Ridge Valley.
    PA - Beaver Creek, 0.45 mi NE of Ottsville.
    PA - Harveys Lake
    PA - Presque Isle State Park, 176 deg and 1.63 mi from Perry Monument.
    PA - Big Pond, Presque Isle State Park, Mill Creek Township
    PA - Misery Bay, Presque Isle State Park.
    PA - Presque Isle
    PA - Simpson Pond, Simpson Hollow, on PA 819 S, Armbrust.
    PA - Churchville Reservoir.

Najas minor

    PA - Butler Reservoir, 5 mi N of Butler
    PA - Williamstown, 0.37 mi WSW
    PA - Schellsburg, .75 mi S
    PA - Centerville, 3.37 mi S
    PA - Virgin Run Lake, ca .25 mi NE Flatwoods, Twp Rd 701
    PA - Keystone State Park, Keystone Lake, ca 3.2 mi SSE of New Alexandria
    PA - Stoughton Lake, ca 0.5 mi NE Jennerstown, on Co Rd 317
    PA - Somerset Lake, ca 1.7 mi NEN Somerset, on Co Rds 66164/66165
    PA - Jennerstown, .25 mi ENE of Stoughton Lake
    PA - Ethel Springs Lake, Derry, on NW boro limits
    PA - Beaver Run Reservoir, ca 3.0 mi W Slickville, on ST rt 380
    PA - Pymatuning Swamp, Pymatuning State Park
    PA - Lake Galena
    PA - Canoe Lake, ca 0.7 mi N of Canoe Creek, Canoe Creek State Park
    PA - Presque Isle State Park, Thompson Bay
    PA - Edinboro Lake
    PA - Conneaut Lake, West side
    PA - Pymatuning State Park, W of Ackerman Island
    PA - Green Lane, Upper Perkiomen County Park
    PA - Lake Galena, along S shore
    PA - Presque Isle State Park, Big Pond; 298 deg & 0.45 mi from Perry Monument
    PA - Romansville, 1 mi ESE, W of Broad Run Rd., 0.2 mi N of Rt 162

Nasturtium officinale

    PA - Mountain Top
    PA - Troy, 4 mi SW
    PA - Chestnut orchard
    PA - Smiths Corner
    PA - Reed Station
    PA - Easton, College Hill
    PA - Avonmore
    PA - Birmingham, springs
    PA - Shamokin Dam, to Richfield
    PA - Tyrone, E
    PA - Meadville, near state road
    PA - Plain Grove
    PA - near Chester
    PA - near East Stroudsburg
    PA - Philadelphia
    PA - Hartstown vicinity
    PA - along Lake Erie, near North Girard
    PA - Linesville, along stream
    PA - Pymatuning Swamp, Linesville
    PA - Pymatuning Swamp, Linesville
    PA - Huffs field, NE Greensburg
    PA - Pike Run, HH Laughlin woods, upper
    PA - 0.75 mi NW Elverson
    PA - Loysburg, 1.25 mi SW
    PA - 1.5 mi NE Bernharts
    PA - Seven Springs in state game lands 33, 4 mi SE Philipsburg
    PA - Coudersport, Eulalia Twp
    PA - Ashcom, 0.62 mi SW
    PA - off Rt 208, 0.5 mi S Schollard
    PA - Clinton area,N of Rt 30, 3.5 mi W of Clinton
    PA - Mercer Park, 0.5 mi SW Mercer
    PA - Boiling Spring, 1.5 mi N Coles
    PA - Raccoon Creek, tributary, 3.5 mi W Clinton
    PA - Wattsburg near
    PA - Mercer Park
    PA - along Muddy Creek Isle
    PA - Hydetown, along Rt 8, 0.5 mi N
    PA - near DeYoung
    PA - Nicktown, 1 mi NE
    PA - Wills Creek, 3.75 mi S Hyndman
    PA - Bedford Springs
    PA - Washigton, 2.5 mi from Co fairgrounds near Meadow Lands
    PA - Toby Run and Clarion River,junction Carman
    PA - Rockdale Center, opposite school
    PA - Hockenberry Farm, 4 mi NW West Sunbury
    PA - Tonoloway Creek, 0.8 mi SE Warfordsburg
    PA - Sylvan, along Rt 456
    PA - Monongahela 1 mi W along Rt 31
    PA - Little Connoquenessing Creek at Mulligan Run, 8 mi SW Butler
    PA - State College, Millbrook, N edge
    PA - Kane, 4 mi S
    PA - Mill Creek, 0.5-1 mi SW Utica
    PA - Corry, 0.5-1 mi W
    PA - fish hatchery, Union City
    PA - Drake, 0.5-1 mi WNW
    PA - Kilbuck Township, along Toms Run
    PA - Martindale, Rt 164
    PA - 500 ft N of bridge on Indian Rock Dam Rd., York
    PA - Saegertown on Rt 198, 1.8 mi E
    PA - Halsey, along Rt 219, 1.5 mi S
    PA - Coburn, 1.3 mi SSE
    PA - Mountain Club Pond, ca 3 mi SSE Champion
    PA - Simpson Pond, in Simpson Hollow on HWY 819S, 1 mi S Armbruston
    PA - Luzerne County
    PA - Pleasant Grove, on Rd 64077, ca 6 km SSE Pleasant Grove
    PA - Tamarack Lake,near edge, ca 4 mi SE Meadville
    PA - Henrietta
    PA - Clover Creek adjacent, Henrietta
    PA - Powdermill Nature Reserve
    PA - Somerset, along edge of Lake Somerset
    PA - Hermitage Township, SE of junction, Rt 718 and Orangeville Rd
    PA - State Game Lands Number 284, along Rt 208, 0.5 mi E of int Rts 19 and 208
    PA - Leesburg, 0.5 mi E of jct US 19 and PA 208
    PA - 3.7 km ESE Majorsville on WV border
    PA - Birmingham, 1.2 mi SSE
    PA - Powdermill Nature Reserve
    PA - Penn Forest Reservoir, 2.5 mi WSW Jonas
    PA - Hamilton Township, NW end of bridge over Kinzua Bay
    PA - Ludlow, 4.5 mi NE on the E side of Rt 321
    PA - Union City, 0.1 mi N rt 6; 60 deg & 1.4 mi from Rt 6 over S branch Fren

Nymphoides peltata

    PA - State Game lands Number 12, 1.5 mi NNE of Wheelerville

Potamogeton crispus

    PA - Conestoga River
    PA - Juniata River, Lewiston
    PA - Schellsburg, 0.75 mi S
    PA - Piney Creek, ca 0.2 mi N Wertz
    PA - Wertz, 0.2 mi N
    PA - Canoe Lake, 0.3 mi NNW of Canoe Creek
    PA - Raystown Branch Juniata River, S of Rt 30 and 5 mi NW of tpk
    PA - Erie, public docks
    PA - Presque Isle, in Lake Erie
    PA - Presque Isle, Long Pond
    PA - Hartstown vicinity
    PA - Linesville, Pymatuning Swamp
    PA - Mouth of Elk Creek, Girard
    PA - mouth Elk Creek
    PA - Butler Reservoir, rt 38, NE Butler
    PA - Alum Bank, fish hatchery, 1.5 mi SE
    PA - Yardley, edge of Delaware River
    PA - Canadohta Lake
    PA - Fish hatchery outlet, on Rt 6, 1 mi E Union City
    PA - Twelvemile Island, Allegheny River near Lock and Dam No 3
    PA - Virgin Run Lake, on twp rd 701, about 0.25 mi NE of Flatwoods
    PA - Bridgeport Dam, ca 0.5 mi SSE Bridgeport
    PA - Kooser State Park, on Koring Rd., ca 1 mi NW of Bakersville
    PA - Allegheny River at foot of Mead Island, 3 mi W of Warren
    PA - Pymatuning Swamp, 0.4 mi S of Rt 285 and E of Towpath
    PA - Conneauttee Creek, 0.1 mi E of rt 99
    PA - French Creek, 0.9 mi S of Rt 198 bridge,Saegertown,
    PA - Conneaut Lake, W side
    PA - State Game Lands Number 213, 325 deg and 2.9 mi from int Rts 285 and 19
    PA - Little Tinicum Island, along N side: about half way from each end of the island
    PA - Aquetong Lake
    PA - Strawntown, 0.5 mi W, pond S of Strawntown Rd
    PA - Presque Isle State Park, Misery Bay

Trapa natans

    PA - Lower Paxton Township, pond at 6780 Hickory Lane near Deaven Rd
    PA - Bradford Reservoir, 1.35 mi WNW Neshaminy
    PA - Maskenozha Lake

Veronica beccabunga

    PA - 2 mi above Easton
    PA - 2 mi above Easton
    PA - Brownsburg, ESE, along the Delaware River
    PA - 0.5 mi SE Center Bridge, along the Delaware River
    PA - Yardley, NW shore of Delaware River
    PA - Washington Crossing, NW shore of Delaware River
    PA - 0.5-0.75 mi SE Coffeetown
    PA - Presque Isle State Park
    PA - Riegelsville, shore of Delaware River below bridge


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