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SERNEC Data Portal. 2019. SouthEast Regional Network of Expertise and Collections. Appalachian State University, Boone, NC. Accessed on 07/13/2017.
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Reference Number: 29277
Type: Database
Author: SERNEC Data Portal
Date (year): 2019
Title:SouthEast Regional Network of Expertise and Collections
Publisher:Appalachian State University
Publisher Location:Boone, NC
Accessed on: 07/13/2017
Created on:
Keywords: digital herbarium network, consortium
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Acorus calamus

    TN - 4 mi N of Oxford.
    NC - Hattiesburg, Highway 49 and Highway 42 intersection
    TN - In swamp, shady valley
    TN - Mount Le Conte
    NC - Pantego Creek in Pantego.
    NC - Currituck Sound E of Grandy in ditch about 150 yds. from beach.
    NC - At edge of Cape Fear River just south of fertilizer plant.
    NC - On S. side Mitchells Pond 3 mi. NE. Rolesville
    NC - Buckland center, Franklin Co. , Mass.
    TN - private property, wetland in Clarke County
    KY - Headwaters of Dewey lake, ca. 1 to 2 miles from German Bridge on highway 194. Ca. 6 miles E of Prestonsburg
    GA - (to be transcribed)
    NC - 1.7 miles west of Orange-Durham County line on US 70 then 2.2 miles north and 1.2 miles northwest on Eno River
    MS - Rawls Springs
    NC - BA Teague property N of CR 137 east of Cane Creek
    NC - Dellwood
    NC - Small creek 0.5 mi. N of Shatley Springs
    NC - Neuse River at Street's Ferry, 1.4 mi. ENE of Lima.
    NC - Black water stream from Cypress Swamp on Anderson Creek.
    NC - Panted in moist open area in Jim Chavis yard. 0.1 mile N. W. of S. R. 1505 and 0.2 mile E. of intersection with S. R. 1561
    KY - 14 miles west of 25E. Hwy 190, Chenoa, Ky.
    GA - Chatham County, GA
    KY - Farm pond used by cattle; south side of highway 60 (to farmers), ca. 4 miles WSW of Morehead
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    TN - (to be transcribed)
    TN - Moon Island, TRM 507.1R (Gilispie Bend)
    MS - Rawls Springs
    NC - Along RR track ditch near intersection of 49 bypass & Hwy 42 in Hattiesburg, MS.
    TN - Calderwood
    NC - Pamlico River at washington in muddy slime (5 mi. S of Washington).
    NC - New Bern, N. C.
    NC - Roadside ditch between Poplar Branch and Currituck Sound.
    NC - N of Elizabeth City on dirt road behind a manufacturing company
    KY - Pond, intersection of US 31E and Beaver Creek, 2 miles north of Glasgow.
    GA - Ware County, GA
    KY - Madison Co., rear of Lake Reba about 2 miles S of Richmond
    KY - along U.S. 27 in Boston.
    TN - (to be transcribed)
    TN - swamp near Owl Nest Rd and Tucker Rd
    NC - Little River, Mitchell's Mill, ca 2 mi E of Rolesville.
    NC - 1.7 mi west of Orange-Durham co line, 1.2 mi NW of Eno River
    TN - Calderwood
    NC - Haw River distinct, Greensboro
    NC - Roadside ditch at the intersection of South Mills- Pierceville Road.
    NC - Panther Landing on Northwest river.
    NC - New Hanover, North Carolina
    NC - In shallow of Leroy Allen Pond. 1 mi. N. of Mereelith College, Raleigh, N. C.
    GA - Chatham County, GA
    GA - Ware County, GA
    KY - At end of College Park Dr., Lakeside Park.
    LA - (to be transcribed)
    TN - Hiwassee River, HRM 9.0L, S side of Island, ca. 1.6 mi upstream of TN 58 bridge
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    AR - (to be transcribed)
    KY - (to be transcribed)
    TN - (to be transcribed)
    LA - Ditch along dirt road on bank of lake. On north bank of Chatham Lake east of La. 146, and west of La. 34, Chatham.; Chatham
    MS - (to be transcribed)
    KY - Approximately 8 km north of the Tennessee state line on west side of I-75
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    KY - Appalachian Ecological Research Station southwest of Whitesburg near Skyline- about 8 miles southeast of KY 7 on Route 1103
    KY - South of the Red River and north of Route 11 & 15 between Rosslyn and Bowen- about 4.5 miles east of Stanton
    KY - Along Stockton Creek road- near FlemingRowan Co. line- Stockton Creek drainage.
    LA - In ditch. Sharp.; Sharp
    KY - Meadow bounded by Jct. US 25 Hwy. 1505 and I-75; near Conway.
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    AR - (to be transcribed)
    KY - (to be transcribed)
    MS - (to be transcribed)
    SC - (to be transcribed)
    KY - (to be transcribed)
    KY - Junction of Highway 25 & 1505
    KY - KY 389- 7.9 mi. N of Jct. KY 389 and KY 22. Old ox-bow of KY River on Charles McAllister Farm.
    KY - Left side of route 1645 West of railroad underpass- across from lock # 12
    KY - Site 32. Refit Rd. .5 miles east of Route 713- northside of road
    KY - 9.3 miles E of London- KY and about 0.3 miles W of Lida- KY. Flood plain of Laurel River.
    KY - Along Hell Creek Rd.- ca 0.6 mi SW of jct W Shumaker Ridge Rd.
    KY - Roadside of intersection of US 25 and KY 1505- 5 miles north of Mount Vernon
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    AL - (to be transcribed)
    KY - (to be transcribed)
    KY - (to be transcribed)
    NC - Scuppernong River, flooded ditches along SR 1105
    KY - (to be transcribed)
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    KY - Meadow bounded by Jct. US 25 Hwy. 1505 and I-75; near Conway.
    KY - Along U.S. 127 at junction with 1604- about 10 miles south of Liberty.
    KY - Lake Reba- south of KY 52- just east of Richmond
    TN - Puryear Barren.
    KY - Camp Shawnee Pond- Jenny Wiley State Park.
    MS - roadside swale in fine sandy and loamy soils on Alt. HW 45 North at Shannon
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    SC - (to be transcribed)
    KY - (to be transcribed)
    KY - (to be transcribed)
    TN - (to be transcribed)
    LA - Small pond beside interstate. Beside Business Route US 165 S at Buckhorn Bend Road and Bypass US 165 S. of Monroe.; Monroe
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    KY - Open swamp at Ballard Waterfowl Management Area.
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    KY - Southeast end of lake Reba- east of Richmond
    KY - Land-Between-the-Lakes. Near intersection of the Trace and US 68.
    KY - Drake Farm. Located on the southside of Old Pellytown Road, 0.3 miles west of Spruce-Pine Creek
    TN - Knox County
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    KY - Southeast end of Lake Reba, just east of Richmond.; 0
    KY - Low area between Route 1645 and railroad tracks, across from entrance to lock #12, just west on 1645 from Route 1571 railroad underpass.; 0
    TN - (to be transcribed)
    TN - moist roadside field, Speedwell Road, ca. 1 Km S of Seay Hollow Rd.
    TN - (to be transcribed)
    TN - (to be transcribed)
    TN - (to be transcribed)
    TN - (to be transcribed)
    AL - (to be transcribed)
    KY - (to be transcribed)
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    KY - Ballard Waterfowl Management Area
    TN - no further locality
    NC - ca 6.5 mi N of Hyde Co. line on NC 94
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    NC - Marsh, 1.7 miles west of Orange-Durham County Line on US 70 then 2.2 miles north and 1.2 miles NW on Eno River.
    TN - 1 mile w Bartlett Rd and Raleigh LaGrange Rd
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    LA - Small pond beside Business Route U.S. 165 165 S at Buckhorn Bend Road and Bypass U.S. 165 s. of Monroe.; 0
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    KY - Low wet ground near Tillden.
    TN - (to be transcribed)
    TN - (to be transcribed)
    TN - (to be transcribed)
    SC - ca. 4.2 air mi NNE of Lynchburg; ca. 160m W of Rt. 55 at a point ca. 0.1 mi S of Rittle Hollow Rd.
    TN - (to be transcribed)
    KY - (to be transcribed)
    NC - Woods Bog in Gap Civil Township
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    NC - marsh, 0.6 mile south southeast of Maple on NC. 34
    NC - Battle Park, Chapel Hill
    KY - Edge of farm pond, Rt. 27, Somerset.
    TN - Yokley Creek, near overpass of Yokley Creek Rd. (245)
    AL - lake shore on Nacome Church Camp property
    TN - (to be transcribed)
    TN - (to be transcribed)
    TN - (to be transcribed)
    KY - (to be transcribed)
    TN - NC 18S at Sparta Bog
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    TN - (to be transcribed)
    TN - (to be transcribed)
    TN - (to be transcribed)
    TN - (to be transcribed)
    TN - (to be transcribed)
    TN - (to be transcribed)
    AL - (to be transcribed)
    KY - (to be transcribed)
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    AR - (to be transcribed)
    NC - 3.4 mi SSE of New Hope
    NC - edge of Cape Fear River just S of fertilizer plant
    AL - Valley Head
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    AR - Little Rock, Arkansas and Lake County, Illinois.
    NC - Garrison Creek headwaters, near SR 840
    AR - (to be transcribed)
    LA - (to be transcribed)
    AR - (to be transcribed)
    NC - 1.7 mi W of Orange-Durham Co. line on US 70, then 2.2 mi N, & 1.2 mi NW on Eno River
    NC - 1 mi N of I-40 on Newfound Rd, then left on road along North Hominy Creek, then NNW for 0.2 mi
    LA - New Orleans
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    KY - Swampy field near Clay City.
    AR - P.O. Saint Francis Roadside ditch. Common.
    TN - (to be transcribed)
    AL - (to be transcribed)
    KY - (to be transcribed)
    SC - (to be transcribed)
    KY - (to be transcribed)
    NC - Washington, Pamlico River
    LA - West End Railroad, Lake Pontchartrain, New Orleans
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    AR - Wet open area beside paved road at Ark. 15 & Ash Branch; Sec. 10, T19S, R17W.
    NC - (to be transcribed)
    NJ - Watchung
    NJ - Raritan
    NJ - 1 mi W of Greenwich, along Pine Mount Creek
    NJ - Newton Creek, N of Collings Rd, Fairview
    NJ - just N of Penns Grove, along Delaware River
    NJ - Pleasant Mills
    NJ - Liberty Park, along Cooper Creek

Alternanthera philoxeroides

    MS - Handsboro, stream
    MS - Biloxi, sandy coasts and ridge thickets
    MS - Hattiesburg, creek bed
    MS - Handsboro, near the Kessler Field
    AR - Cabin Creek Park and boat ramp on the Arkansas River
    AR - Lake Dardanelle, AR 103, 2.5 miles south of I-40 @ boat ramp
    AR - Dardanelle State Park, Lake Dardanelle
    AR - Dublin Campground on Lake Dardanelle, just off AR 197
    LA - Beside LA 4 at head of a gorge at former slide area with garbage about 3 miles west of US 165 and Banks Springs
    LA - Beside east bank of Ouachita River at Harrisonburg Recreation Area at north end of LA 922 north of LA 8 at Harrisonburg
    LA - Hillside off gravel road 0.15 miles off LA Hwy 915, 0.7 miles from the junction of LA Hwys 915 and 913
    MS - Lake Tangipahoa, Percy Quinn St Park, 5 mi SW of McComb

Cyperus blepharoleptos

    GA - Lake Seminole, along edge of lake

Cyperus difformis

    MS - 1 mi S by Hwy MS 611 from jct of Hwys US 90 and MS 63, vi. Of Bayou Casotte industrial development nr. RR & MS 611, T 8S, R 5W, sec 4 & 5
    MS - E Lucedale, 2.3 mi E jct Hwys MS 26 & 63; 1.8 mi S jct Hwys US 98 and MS 63; T1S R6W S/2 sec 26
    MS - 4 miles N of Gulf of Mexico on Hwy. U.S. 49; along edge roadside ditch

Egeria densa

    AL - On Seven Mile Island; Lake Pickwick, Ala
    MS - First small bridge after passing the overpass of Hwy I-59, going N on Hwy 49
    AR - Joplin Mountain Harbor Use Area
    AR - Point Cedar Camp Ground, boat dock area
    AR - DeGray Lake Resort State Park, boat marina
    AR - DeGray Lake Resort State Park, boat marina
    AR - Brady Mountain [Recreation] Use Area, South shore of Lake Ouachita and along access road north from 270
    AR - Lake Catherine, Entergy Park on rocks at Ouachita River
    AR - Ouachita River. Submerged in swamp area approximately 1 mile below Remmel Dam

Eichhornia crassipes

    GA - Bank's Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Hwy. GA 122, 2 mi. west of Lakeland
    MS - Homochitto National Forest. Clear Springs Recreation Area, S of US Hwy 98/84, SW of Meadville. T5N R2E S2.
    AL - Paradise Falls Road (dirt) at small un-named creek 0.05 mile north of the Conecuh County line
    FL - Suwannee River, Fanning Springs
    SC - Dillon County
    GA - Hazlehurst
    GA - Eulonia
    GA - Darien
    GA - Pool of water in thin woods about 1.2 mi NNE of Jekyll Point, the S tip of Jekyll Island
    LA - Lake Charles
    LA - between Berwick Bay and Bayou Lafourche
    LA - At Gretna, opposite New Orleans
    LA - along edge of river at junction LA 14 & Bayou Queue de Tortue

Heteranthera limosa

    SC - At intersection of S. C. hwys 130 and 107- 1/4 mi. S of state line

Hydrilla verticillata peregrina

    AR - Millwood Lake, Paraloma landing,AR 234
    AR - Millwood Lake, Yarborough landing, Hwy 317
    AR - Millwood Lake, Millwood State Park
    AR - Millwood Lake, Saratoga landing, AR 234
    AR - Millwood Park, Cottonshed landing
    AR - Millwood Lake, Okay landing

Hydrilla verticillata verticillata

    AL - Wheeler Reservoir, out of Mallard Creek boat dock
    AR - Long Lake Access on the west side of Lake Jack Lee
    AR - Ouachita Mountains/Arkansas Valley border region. Fourche Mountains/Arkansas River Floodplain Ecoregion boundary. Fleming property. Herbaceous marsh along Little Maumelle River, downstream (east) of Pinnacle Mountain State Park.
    AR - "The Preserve" at The Village at Hendrix (mixed use development). Along upper Little Creek, bounded by Southwestern Energy Dr. & Burrow Ave. & Sanders Rd. & I-40. N of Hendrix College athletic complex & S of Southwestern Energy HQ.
    AR - Merrisach Lake Campground and Recreation Area (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers), 1.2 mi. W on Merrisach Lane from jct. with Trichnor Blacktop Rd./Nady Rd./Wild Goose Lane. Near boat launch ramp.
    AR - Lake Catherine, shoreline at Lake Catherine State Park, at boat docks
    AR - Submerged in swamp approx. 1 mile below Remmel Dam. Remmel Dam to Rockport Ledge

Hydrilla verticillata peregrina

    IN - Charlestown State Park, Ohio River
    IN - Vevay boat ramp

Hydrilla verticillata verticillata

    LA - Alligator Bayou
    LA - Alligator Bayou
    FL - Collins Mill Creek above Broad Street, Milton
    FL - Blue Creek at Valee Raod, below Vortex Springs, Bonifay

Hydrilla verticillata peregrina

    MD - Potomac River, near dock behind herb garden and residence, Bryan Point
    MD - Cocktown Creek at Kings Landing Park
    MA - South Meadow Pond, Clinton
    PA - Conewago Lake (aka Pinchot Lake)
    PA - Marsh Creek State Park, Marsh Creek Reservoir
    PA - Laurel Lake
    PA - Lake Meade
    PA - Raystown Lake
    PA - small impoundment on an unnamed tributary of Lackawanna River, 3.1 km N of La Plume
    PA - Glendale Lake, Prince Gallitzen State Park
    PA - Little Tinicum Island
    PA - Pine Creek downstream of Wildwood Rd & Best Feeds Garden Center at fishing access, Gibsonia
    PA - Monongehela River at Glassworks boat launch
    PA - North Park, Pierce Mill Rd, NW of Babcock Blvd, McCandless Twp

Hydrilla verticillata verticillata

    SC - US 17 at Sampit River and Co. Rt 42. Ca. 9 miles west of Georgetown
    SC - Inlet of Lake Murray, west of Co. rt 216. Ca. 5 miles west of Irmo
    TN - Tellico Reservoir in Fourmile Creek embayment (Tellico River Mile 1.7L)
    TX - Cedar Creek arm of Lake Somerville, ca 2500 ft. SE of HQ at Nails Creek Unit, Lake Somerville State Recreation Area
    TX - Impounded stretch of Leona River just below confluence with Cooks Slough in Fort Inge Park, ca. 1.6 airmiles SSE of jct. F. R. 117 and F. R. 149 just S of Uvalde
    TX - Along SW shoreline of Colorado River, just S gas pipeline crossing 0.4-0.5 miles NW of mouth of Harvey Creek
    TX - Canoe pond across from TAMU Fire Training School

Hydrilla verticillata peregrina

    VA - At Merry Oak Farm; eastern slope of the Rappahannoc Mountains, 4.5 miles S. of Marshall
    VA - Pond on Pignut Mountain off rte. 628, ca. 3-4 mi. n. of Bethel Airlie property
    VA - West side of Chickahominy River, ca. 1.2 km SW of Watts Point
    VA - Dockman Swamp; Jerdone's Big Woods, S of Co. Rt. 614 and E of Va. Rt. 155; P. O. Providence Forge
    VA - Little Creek Reservoir Park at intersection of Forge Rd. and Lakeview Drive
    VA - Lake Monticello off Hwy 53
    VA - South Fork of Shenandoah River at Co. rt 649, just west of town of Island Ford
    VA - Nottoway Falls Park, 0.1 mi WNW of Rt. 49 Bridge and 3.2 mi. SE of Rubermont
    VA - Briery Creek State Wildlife Management Area, at fishing dikes at the terminus of Rt. 790, 1.25 mi. NW of Redd Shop
    VA - Tucker Park at MaidenÕs Crossing, 0.2 mi. WNW of US Rt. 522 bridge over the James River and ca. 1.0 mile S of Goochland Courthouse
    WV - Cacapon River, ca. 20 mi S of Berkeley Springs on SR 9 to Milo School Rd (CR 9-20), ca. 0.3 mi to Bower's Lane
    WV - Cacapon river near Camp Rim Rock (on CR 14) ca 2.8 mi downstream from Yellow Spring
    WV - Greenbrier River at US 60, just west of town of Caldwell

Hydrilla verticillata verticillata

    AR - edge of Spencer's Bay, south of 270, a backwater of Ouachita River, impoundment Lake Catherine
    AR - Lake Hamilton, shoreline at boat ramp park at north of Carpenter dam
    AR - Brady Mountain [Recreation] Use Area, South shore of Lake Ouachita and along access road north from 270

Hymenachne amplexicaulis

    FL - seasonal ponds or retention areas on east side and south side of shopping center, Shenandoah Square, Davie
    FL - along N end of Wellman Pond in country park on S side Hwy 90, ca. ¼ mi W of Capital Circle SW in Tallahassee
    FL - SE of Fort Myers; Lee Co. Parks and Recreation Wild Turkey Strand Natural Area, ca. 2.5 air mi. SW jct. Hwy 82 and Green Meadows Rd.
    FL - Crowley Museum and Nature Center, W of the Myakka River
    FL - Deer Prairie Creek Preserve, Jordyn Parcel, N parcel limit 4.5 mi E of intersection of S. Moon Dr. and Border Rd., N of I-75
    FL - Crowley Museum and Nature Center, W of the Myakka River, Path 7
    FL - Mac-Arthur Agro-Ecology Research Center at Buck Island Ranch. Wetland #49

Iris pseudacorus

    GA - Joree Millpond, in ditch alongside Jerry Jones [Dr]
    GA - Thomas County
    GA - Threadmill Lake, beside cement breakwater
    GA - upper tributary of Horseleg Creek, near Timberland Terrace off Burnett Ferry Road in west Rome
    SC - Cleveland Park [Richland Creek]
    LA - Beside road to Cheniere Lake, south of LA 838
    LA - Sicily Island, residential lawn

Ludwigia cf. grandiflora/hexapetala

    NC - Greenfield Lake, Wilmington

Ludwigia decurrens

    CA - Agricultural fields between Richvale and Highway 162, west of Midway, next to rice fields
    CA - Agricultural fields between Richvale and Highway 162, east of Midway, next to rice fields

Ludwigia grandiflora

    SC - Savannah River Refuge, Fire Tower
    SC - Rice field in Savannah WIldlife Refuge, about 0.5 mi. northwest of US 17 along the levee
    NC - along RR track of Co. Road 1110, 0.3 mi South of County Rd, 1112, south of Wilmington

Ludwigia peploides

    NC - McDowell Nature Preserve

Ludwigia peploides glabrescens

    NC - Wetland adjacent to Rea Rd., 1 mi. S. of NC 51. At Piper Glen
    NC - Eno River Diabase Preserve

Ludwigia peploides

    SC - Saluda River at SC 395; mudlfats adjacent to river. Upper reaches of Lake Murray. ca. 10 mi S of Newberry
    CA - Fort Hunter Liggett; San Antonio River, ca. 2.2 km NW of Quail Top, ca. 0.2 rd km SE of jct of Tule and Sam Jones Rds; Ft Hunter Liggett

Ludwigia peploides peploides

    CA - Fort Ord National Monument; Region H1; Salinas River
    CA - Fort Ord National Monument; Region H1; Salinas River

Murdannia keisak

    GA - wet meadow, pipeline right-of-way, just east of Simonton Road and just west of Davis Road, southeast of Lawrenceville
    AR - Along the south bank of Little Missouri River at the end of county road 21 north of Chidester and east of Reader

Myosotis scorpioides

    PA - Pickering Creek, Calamus Swamp, 2 mi E of Eagle
    PA - Octoraro Creek, south of Chester Co. Boy Scout Camp
    DE - Brandywine swamps

Myriophyllum aquaticum

    GA - Chattahoochee River, ca. 7 mi e of Marietta, Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area
    NC - fresh-water marsh near Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
    NC - Boones Mill Pond, west of Jackson on U.S. 158
    NC - swampy area near the Roanoke River, just north of Roanoke Rapids
    NC - Bodies Mill Pond on stony creek, 3.2 miles w. of Corinth
    NC - ditch 1 mi east of Woodley
    NC - Finche's [Mill] Pond on US 264, 6 miles west of Wilson
    VA - ditch along N side of Number 10 Lane, just E of jct. with US Hwy. 17, 2.3 mi. SW of Grassfield, along a tributary of the Northwest River 1.8 miles ESE of Northwest,
    VA - Jones Pond at main arm of pond, 0.1 miles south of Rt 105 at a point 1.2 miles SW of jct with US Hwy. 17, 2.4 miles NW of Grafton
    VA - Chickahominy River above Walker Dam
    GA - Magnolia Springs [State Park]
    NC - Fort Bragg Military Reservation: N-S powerline E of Beaver Creek, just S of Gruber Road and E of All-American Freeway
    SC - Sluggish rivulets and associated creek, powerline immediately E of Apache Dr and just N of its jct with Denny Rd
    SC - Along entrance drive to water treatment facility, 2.8 street miles E of US 601 on Sec Hwy 38, just east of Invista factory in Lugoff
    TX - Lake o' the Pines, along south shore
    AL - [Bulley Creek,] by highway just S of Wilsonville
    SC - Boat ramp and mudflats on the Saluda River to south of SC 395; upper end of Lake Murray. Ca. 10 mi S of Newberry
    SC - Newberry Co. 42 at creek 2.4 mi E of Newberry Co. 26 in Prosperity. Ca. 5 mi SE of Newberry. Common in pond near road
    SC - Muddy margin and wooded shore of Broad River Lake at Hellers Creek (northeast of Pomaria)
    SC - Enoree Rich Woods site to south of Enoree River. Floodplain to west of terminus of Forest Service road 334, off of County 554. Sumter National Forest
    SC - Ware Shoals Park, north bank of Saluda River across from Ware Shoals, SC. West end of park, just below dam, west of SC-38. Localized in small ditch
    NC - swampy area near the Roanoke River, just north of Roanoke Rapids
    NC - Small stream near Mt. Gilead Church
    NC - Pool near US. 15-501 near Jct. of US.1
    NC - Old mill pond on Cypress Creek 1.5 miles se of Mapleville
    NC - Hodgins Pond, northeast of Antioch on NC. 211
    NC - stream, 4.2 miles south southwest of Ashley Heights
    OK - Yashau Creek, 2.5 miles south of Broken Bow
    AR - Bog Springs
    AR - near small silver pond, ca. 5 miles west of Big Fork
    AR - edge of small woodland pond, 3 mi SW of Big Fork
    AR - Cool running stream just below Blakely Dam across Ouachita River
    AR - Hot Springs, Thousand Dripping Springs, in small artificial lake
    LA - Jean Lafitte National Historic Park and Preserve; Water of Bayou Coquille
    LA - wet roadside ditch, ca. 3 miles SE of Reeves
    LA - Anacoco Lake beside LA 464, south of Caney
    LA - One mile N of Pitkin, La. on Hwy [463], in a stream (Blue Branch)
    TX - Big Thicket National Preserve, west side of park, west of Big Sandy Creek, east of Sunflower Rd
    TX - Below old dam. Ca. 1 mi. S of Grapeland
    TX - Big Thicket National Preserve, north of Beaumont, just east along Pine Island Bayou from US 69
    TX - Conroe
    TX - Palmetto State Park, near Gonzales
    TX - Ottine Swamp
    TX - Lake Cherokee, near Monroe off Rt. 322 from Longview to Henderson
    TX - Nolan Creek. Belton City park. Belton, along pond margins and under bridge
    TX - Lake Eanes

Myriophyllum heterophyllum

    TX - San Felipe Springs. Del Rio
    TX - Kerrville
    TX - along Guadalupe River 4 miles east of Hunt, near Camp Rio Vista
    TX - Muddy pools, Spring Creek, near Boerne

Myriophyllum spicatum

    TX - Lake road, 4 miles north of Brownwood

Najas marina

    IL - In Lake Villa, in the south bay of Cedar Lake.
    MI - near shore of NW arm of Brooks Lake at Public Fishing Site, Brooks Twp., ca. 2.5 mi. SE of Newaygo.
    IL - In Lemont, on the property of the Forest Preserve District of Cook County at the CCC Quarry, in <1 meter of water in a marly lake
    IL - Pratt's Wayne Woods Forest Preserve near Wayne. In a quarry pond southeast of the intersection of Stearns and Powis Roads.
    IL - Two miles southwest of Huntley, in an artificial lake west of Briar Hill Road, north of Dietrich Road, south of Hemmer-Kloempken prairie; along shore.
    IL - Near Richmond, at Elizabeth Lake.
    IL - Wooster Lake, 2 miles southeast of Fox Lake
    IL - south shore of Wilderness Lake, Moraine Hills State Park.
    IL - McCullom Lake, village of McCullom, Lake Beach.
    IL - Sullivan Lake, northeast of Lakemoor; Wauconda 7.5 minute topographic map.
    IL - Lily Lake (west side of lake) just east of Lilymoor; Wauconda 7.5 minute topographic map.
    IL - Druce Lake, Northeast of Grayslake.
    IL - Grays Lake, west part of town of Grayslake, elevation about 787 feet; Grayslake 7.5 minute topographic map.
    IL - Silver Lake one mile east-southeast of Antioch; Antioch 7.5 minute topographic map.

Najas minor

    PA - Lake Aldred
    GA - Walker Lake off Tyus Road and Willie Walker Road

Nomaphila stricta

    TX - San Felipe Springs, along E bank, ca. 40 m N of the bridge on hwy 90
    TX - San Felipe Springs, along E bank, ca. 40 m N of the bridge on hwy 90

Nymphaea × thiona

    NV - Panaca Spring
    NV - Panaca Warm Springs, north of Panaca

Nymphoides peltata

    WI - Sipiorski Pond

Salvinia molesta

    SC - Bluffton
    SC - Campus of USC - Beaufort, Bluffton Campus just south of US 278, 5.6 miles east of I-95

Trapa natans

    NY - Rice Creek Pond, off Brownell Rd, SW of Oswego
    MA - Cambridge, along Charles River near Magazine Beach
    NY - ca 9.6 km WNW of Hannibal just N of North Fair Haven, along Lake Ontario
    MA - Holyoke: Holyoke Cove, on W bank of Connecticut River at Rt 202 bridge
    NY - South of Chelsea on E. side of the Hudson River
    VA - mouth of Four Mile Run, 2.5 miles north of Alexandria
    NY - at bridge over Lake Champlain on State Highway 22, 24.7 mi. S of its junction in Ticonderoga with State Highway 9 N
    NY - Lake Scotia
    MD - Bird River in the upper Gunpowder River, near private boat launch at end of Bird River Beach Rd, Middle River
    NY - inlet of Hudson River at Norrie State Park
    NY - Mohawk River, above Crescent
    NY - Whitehall, in Wood Creek / the Champlain Canal, at US Route 4 crossing Water 1 - 2 meters deep.. (NAD83/WGS84).
    NY - Beacon (opposite Newburgh); east margin of the Hudson River, about 0.1 mile north of Route I-84 (Newburgh-Beacon) bridge. West of Metro-North Railroad tracks. Elevation 27 feet.
    NY - inlet of Hudson River at Norrie State Park
    MD - Potomac River, Chapel Point
    VA - Potomac River at mouth of Hunting Creek, 0.25 mi NW
    MD - Urieville Mill Pond
    NH - Nashua River, ca. 1 mi. upstream from dam
    NY - Ticonderoga. South side of Ticonderoga Bay.
    MA - Sudbury River. Central Street. Framingham.
    MA - Cambridge. Small pond on north side of Fresh Pond by Cambridge greenhouses.
    NY - Small bay of Hudson River, between Hyde Park and Poughkeepsie
    NY - In the Hudson River, Bard Rock, 1 mi N of Hyde Park
    MA - Concord River at Carlisle
    NY - quiet bay near marina on Hudson River, New Hamburg
    MA - Concord River
    MD - Potomac River near Ft Belvoir
    NY - Near Hyde Park, Hudson River
    NY - N. end Seneca Lake, N. Y.
    VA - Mouth of Hunting Creek, 3/4 mile NW. New Alexandria.
    NY - Mohawk River
    VA - Fort Hunt wharf, Potomac River.
    DC - Ponds of U. S. [Fish Comission], B. St. N. W.
    MD - Near Fort Washington. In the Potomac River
    NY - Growing in the Hudson River. Beacon.
    MA - Fresh Pond
    NY - Allen's Cove, off Mohawk River, about 4 ft. water, before treatment of 2,4 D.
    VA - Potomac River, near Mt. Vernon
    VA - Potomac River, below Alexandria
    NY - Crescent Lake, Mohawk River [border with Albany County]
    NY - Sanders Lake, Scotia
    MA - Subury River, Concord
    VA - Mount Vernon; Little Hunting Creek

Typha angustifolia

    SC - retention pond behind Beaufort Wal Mart. Near intersection of Hwy 170 and Hwy 280
    SC - artificial pond on Hunting Island east of Beaufort on US 21
    OH - Camp Perry
    NE - Carter Lake
    NE - 5 miles south of West Point on Highway 275, just east in meadow

Typha domingensis

    KY - margin of pond, Burtonville Quad, former Browning Orchard Property, 0.4 mile east-southeast of Poston Shcool, head of Rush Run slighting east of gravel road
    KY - grassy, wet roadside ditch, Worthville
    OH - The Wilds, 14000 International Road, Cumberland in Miller Valley Wetland on NE edge
    IL - Braidwood Cooling Pond
    IL - swamp at 1206 E 14th Street, Lombard
    IA - Louisville Bend Wildlife Management Area. Oxbow lake on E side of Missouri River. Muddy flats along lake.

Typha laxmannii

    IL - Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie
    WI - Sipiorski Pond
    WI - In SE cloverleaf of I-94 and Ryan Rd.
    WI - In a ditch in front of residences on the east side of Durham Drive in Muskego
    WI - Northern margin of a stormwater pond (Holiday Inn) in Pewaukee. Roughly 820 ft west of the intersection of Tower Pl and Pewaukee Rd.
    WI - Stephenson Library Parking Lot, Marinette
    WI - Menekaunee Harbor, Marinette, near wildrice plantings in sedge meadow

Veronica anagallis-aquatica

    KS - Burr Oak, 6 mi NE. Rocky prairie ravine. In drainage ditch


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