GroupFamilyScientific NameCommon NameSpecies Origin
AlgaeCharaceae Nitellopsis obtusa starry stonewortExotic
AlgaeGomphonemataceae Didymosphenia geminata didymoCryptogenic
AlgaePrymnesiaceae Prymnesium parvum golden algaeUnknown
AlgaeCaulerpaceae Caulerpa prolifera  Native
Amphibians-CaeciliansTyphlonectidae Typhlonectes natans Rio Cauca CaecilianExotic
Amphibians-FrogsBufonidae Atelopus zeteki Panamanian Golden FrogExotic
Amphibians-FrogsBufonidae Rhaebo blombergi Columbian Giant ToadExotic
Amphibians-FrogsBufonidae Anaxyrus boreas halophilus Southern California ToadNative
Amphibians-FrogsBufonidae Bufo bufo European ToadExotic
Amphibians-FrogsBufonidae Rhinella marina Cane ToadExotic
Amphibians-FrogsDendrobatidae Dendrobates auratus Green and Black Poison Dart FrogExotic
Amphibians-FrogsDendrobatidae Dendrobates leucomelas Yellow-banded Poison Dart FrogExotic
Amphibians-FrogsDendrobatidae Dendrobates sp. a Poison Dart FrogExotic
Amphibians-FrogsHylidae Acris crepitans Northern Cricket FrogNative
Amphibians-FrogsHylidae Dryophytes cinereus Green TreefrogNative
Amphibians-FrogsHylidae Dryophytes wrightorum Arizona TreefrogNative
Amphibians-FrogsHylidae Dryophytes gratiosus Barking TreefrogNative
Amphibians-FrogsPelodryadidae Ranoidea aurea Green and Golden Bell FrogExotic
Amphibians-FrogsHylidae Osteopilus septentrionalis Cuban TreefrogExotic
Amphibians-FrogsPhyllomedusidae Agalychnis dacnicolor  Exotic
Amphibians-FrogsHylidae Pseudacris regilla Northern Pacific TreefrogNative
Amphibians-FrogsEleutherodactylidae Eleutherodactylus coqui CoquiExotic
Amphibians-FrogsEleutherodactylidae Eleutherodactylus planirostris Greenhouse FrogExotic
Amphibians-FrogsEleutherodactylidae Eleutherodactylus portoricensis Forest CoquiExotic
Amphibians-FrogsEleutherodactylidae Eleutherodactylus cystignathoides Rio Grande Chirping FrogNative
Amphibians-FrogsEleutherodactylidae Eleutherodactylus campi Rio Grande Chirping FrogNative
Amphibians-FrogsPipidae Hymenochirus boettgeri Zaire Dwarf Clawed FrogExotic
Amphibians-FrogsPipidae Xenopus laevis African Clawed FrogExotic
Amphibians-FrogsRanidae Rana aurora Northern Red-legged FrogNative
Amphibians-FrogsRanidae Lithobates berlandieri Rio Grande Leopard FrogNative
Amphibians-FrogsRanidae Lithobates blairi Plains Leopard FrogNative
Amphibians-FrogsRanidae Lithobates catesbeianus American BullfrogNative
Amphibians-FrogsRanidae Lithobates clamitans Green FrogNative
Amphibians-FrogsRanidae Pelophylax nigromaculatus Black-spotted FrogExotic
Amphibians-FrogsRanidae Lithobates pipiens Northern Leopard FrogNative
Amphibians-FrogsRanidae Glandirana rugosa Japanese Wrinkled FrogExotic
Amphibians-FrogsRanidae Lithobates sphenocephalus Southern Leopard FrogNative
Amphibians-FrogsHylidae Scinax ruber Red Snouted TreefrogExotic
Amphibians-FrogsRanidae Lithobates grylio Pig FrogNative
Amphibians-FrogsPelodryadidae Ranoidea caerulea Australian Green TreefrogExotic
Amphibians-FrogsHylidae Dryophytes squirellus Squirrel TreefrogNative
Amphibians-FrogsPipidae Pipa pipa Suriname toadExotic
Amphibians-FrogsHylidae Pseudacris sierra Sierran Chorus FrogNative
Amphibians-FrogsHylidae Pseudacris hypochondriaca Baja California TreefrogNative
Amphibians-FrogsBombinatoridae Bombina orientalis Oriental Fire-bellied ToadExotic
Amphibians-FrogsMicrohylidae Kaloula pulchra Malaysian Painted FrogExotic
Amphibians-FrogsHyperoliidae Afrixalus fornasini Fornasini's Spiny Reed FrogExotic
Amphibians-FrogsBufonidae Duttaphrynus melanostictus Southeast Asian ToadExotic
Amphibians-FrogsHylidae Litoria fallax Eastern Dwarf TreefrogExotic
Amphibians-FrogsRhacophoridae Polypedates megacephalus Hong Kong Whipping FrogExotic
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