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Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission. 2008. Exotic Species Information Center. Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission.
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Reference Number: 17446
Type: Database
Author: Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission.
Date (year): 2008
Title:Exotic Species Information Center.
Publisher:Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission.
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Keywords: Great Lakes, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Butomus, Lythrum, Myriophyllum, Potamogeton, Rorippa, Typha, Dreissena
Species Profiles and Specimens that use this Reference:

Alosa pseudoharengus

    WI - Lake Superior
    WI - Lake Superior
    WI - Lake Superior
    WI - Lake Superior
    WI - Lake Superior
    MN - Lake Superior, Baptism River
    MI - Lake Superior at mouth of Black River, SW of Porcupine Mountains State Park, MI
    MI - Lake Superior
    MI - Lake Superior, Big Bay
    MI - Lake Superior, Iroquois Island
    MI - Lake Superior, Fourteen Mile Point
    MI - Lake Superior, Shelter Bay
    MI - Traverse Island, Lake Superior
    MI - Lake Superior, Bette Grise Bay
    MI - Lake Superior, Jacobsville
    MI - Lake Superior, Sand Bay
    MI - Isle Royale National Park
    MI - Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore
    MI - Lake Michigan

Butomus umbellatus

    MN - Amelia Lake
    MN - Lake Melissa
    MN - SW of Inver Grove Heights
    MN - Hart Lake
    MN - Cannon Lake
    MN - Sauk River
    MN - Forest Lake
    WI - Lake Wisconsin, Columbia County
    WI - Rock River
    WI - Archibald Lake
    WI - Round Lake (Big Round Lake)
    WI - Wolf River
    WI - Wolf River
    WI - 5 mi.upstream from Oconto Falls, Machickanee Flowage; Stiles Twp
    MN - Bass Lake

Bythotrephes longimanus

    MI - Lake Medora
    MI - Lac La Belle
    MI - Dead River Storage Basin
    MI - Forestville Basin (Three Lakes)
    MI - Michigamme Reservoir
    MI - Peavy (Reservoir) Pond
    MI - Long Lake [~5 mi. SW of Traverse City, MI]

Cipangopaludina chinensis

    MI - Cisco Lake, state natural area
    MI - Thousand Island Lake, State Natural Area
    MN - Mille Lacs, state natural area
    WI - Sand Lake
    WI - Diamond Lake
    WI - Eagle Lake (Pike Chain)
    WI - Lake Owen, state natural area, campground landing
    WI - Upper Eau Claire Lake, state natural area
    WI - Long Lake, state natural area
    WI - McKenzie Lake, state natural area
    WI - Saint Croix Flowage, state natural area
    WI - Kentuck Lake
    WI - Black Hawk Lake, state natural area
    WI - Fisher Lake, state natural area
    WI - Giles Flowage [a reservoir just S of Montreal, WI]
    WI - Spider Lake, state natural area
    WI - Weber Lake [just N of Upson]
    WI - Rock Lake
    WI - Bearskin Lake
    WI - Buffalo Lake, state natural area
    WI - Carrol Lake. State natural area.
    WI - Clear Lake, state natural area
    WI - Cunard Lake, state natural area
    WI - Dam Lake
    WI - Little Tomahawk Lake
    WI - Madeline Lake. State natural area.
    WI - Mid Lake (a.k.a. Nawaii Lake)
    WI - Lake Nokomis
    WI - Pelican Lake, Oneida County
    WI - Pickerel Lake. State natural area.
    WI - Rainbow Flowage (Wisconsin River in part)
    WI - Sand Lake
    WI - Squaw Lake
    WI - Squirrel Lake
    WI - Stone Lake
    WI - The Thoroughfare, state natural area
    WI - Tomahawk Lake
    WI - Willow Reservoir, state natural area.
    WI - Wisconsin River
    WI - Balsam Lake, state natural area
    WI - Half Moon Lake. State Natural area.
    WI - Wapogasset Lake, state natural area
    WI - Lake Chetac, state natural area
    WI - Lake Chippewa (Chippewa Flowage)
    WI - Lac Courte Oreilles, state natural area
    WI - Nelson Lake, state natural area
    WI - Sand Lake, state natural area
    WI - Allequash Lake, state natural area
    WI - Big Lake
    WI - Big Arbor Vitae Lake
    WI - Big Saint Germain Lake
    WI - Lake Content, state natural area
    WI - Lac du Lune, state natural area
    WI - Lac Vieux Desert Lake
    WI - Little Arbor Vitae Lake
    WI - Little Gibson Lake, state natural area
    WI - Little Rice Lake, state natural area
    WI - Little Saint Germain. State natural area.
    WI - Lost Lake. State natural area.
    WI - Manitowish River, state natural area
    WI - Manitowish River, state natural area
    WI - Moon Lake, state natural area
    WI - Plum Lakes
    WI - Razorback Lake
    WI - Round Lake
    WI - Snipe Lake, state natural area
    WI - Spring Creek, state natural area
    WI - Star Lake
    WI - Upper Gresham Lake, state natural area.
    WI - West Plum Lake, state natural area.
    WI - Wildcat Lake, state natural area
    WI - Wisconsin River, Vilas County, WI, state natural area
    WI - Long Lake, state natural area
    WI - Nancy Lake
    WI - Shell Lake, state natural area

Craspedacusta sowerbyi

    MI - Duck Lake

Dreissena polymorpha

    WI - St. Croix River, at Lake St. Croix
    MI - Fish Lake [near Nicholsville]
    MI - Van Etten Lake
    MI - Holloway Reservoir
    MI - Gallagher Lake
    MI - Kent Lake
    MI - Portage Lake
    MI - Whitewood Lake
    MI - Zukey Lake
    MI - Stony Creek Lake
    MI - White Rapids Flowage
    MI - Green Lake [W of Keego Harbor]
    MI - Moore Lake
    MI - Lotus Lake
    MI - Voorheis Lake
    MI - Whipple Lake
    MI - Tamarack Lake
    WI - Winnebago Lake (in part) [lake located near Oshkosh]

Dreissena rostriformis bugensis

    MI - Lake Huron, at the Straits of Mackinac, south shores
    MI - Lake Michigan off Benton Harbor (Station A-1)
    MI - Lake Michigan off Benton Harbor (Station A-4)

Iris pseudacorus

    WI - Red Cedar Lake
    WI - Hart Lake
    WI - Amnicon Lake
    WI - Long Lake
    WI - State land, Little Spur Road
    WI - Mud Lake
    WI - Namekagon River/ Pacwawong Lake
    WI - Manitowish River, state natural area
    WI - Long Lake, state natural area

Lythrum salicaria

    MI - S of Greenbush
    MI - Lost Lake - N side of lake
    MI - west of Twining
    MI - roadside right-of-way NE of Arnheim
    MI - N of Union Lake
    MI - Goguac Lake
    MI - Goff Lakes
    MI - NE of Walloon Lake
    MI - Douglas Lake [~10 mi SW of Cheboygan, MI]
    MI - east of Ash Acres.
    MI - Fenton Lake (just N of Fenton, MI)
    MI - NW of Podunk, MI
    MI - Clark Lake - USFS land, near boat ramp.
    MI - S of Edgewood, MI
    MI - S of Pittsford
    MI - Portage Lake
    MI - Long Lake [just E of Long Lake, MI]
    MI - Buck Lake, Township boat launch.
    MI - N of Shepherd, MI
    MI - West of the Waterloo State Recreation Area.
    MI - West Reeds Lake
    MI - Baldwin, MI
    MI - near Silverwood, MI
    MI - Hamburg Lake
    MI - Lake Michigan coastal wetland.
    MI - Bass Lake
    MI - Ludington, MI
    MI - Clear Lake, near Big Rapids, near M-20
    MI - Menominee, MI
    MI - NW of Midland, MI
    MI - Near Coral, MI
    MI - White Lake, about 10 miles north of Muskegon, Michigan.
    MI - Long Lake [just W of Oxford, MI]
    MI - N of Hesperia, MI
    MI - west of Peach Lake.
    MI - N side of FR 360 in small opening on USFS land (s of Porcupine Mountains State Park).
    MI - East of Ashton, MI
    MI - SW of Mio, MI.
    MI - Near Meads Landing, MI
    MI - SW of Moore Park, MI
    MI - NE of Quanicassee
    MI - S of Bloomingdale, MI
    WI - Chaney Lake Road/County Hwy O. MI-WI border.
    MI - Fourmile Lake
    MI - along EM115, south of Lake Cadillac
    MN - Cedar Lake, 3 locations towards W end; CR 337
    MN - Rice Creek Lake wetland, Located in wetland W of Hwy 35W and S of Harpers Ct. NE after it intersects with 93rd Ave. NE
    MN - Detroit Lake. Approx. 3/4 mi on shre of Detroit Lk & Deadshot Bay. Also E side of Glawe Lk; CoRd 24
    MN - Kitchi Lake.
    MN - In wetland N of Sauk Rapids Highschool and W of Hwy 10; Hwy 10 & 10th Ave. S.
    MN - Lura Lake
    MN - Tamarack Lake.
    MN - Lake Auburn; CoRd 5 & CoRd 11
    MN - Birch Lake - take Birch Lk Rd 0.3 mi to Bayview Resort on NE point of Birch Lk (owner Felton); State TH 371 and B
    MN - St. Croix River-Taylors F
    MN - near Clearbrook, Roadside, State 92
    MN - Mountain Lake, Ditch located at NE corner of intersection of State Hwy 60 & Co Hwy 27; State Hwy 60 & CoRd 27
    MN - Baxter Lake
    MN - Black Dog Lake. {part of the site is in SNA} wet meadow; I-35W & CSAH 32
    MN - Stony Lake. Plants located both sides of old bridge between Brophy and Stony; E. Lk Brophy Drive and hwy 82
    MN - near Brush Creek. 2 mi E of I-90 & State TH 253
    MN - near Glenville.
    MN - Frontenac Lake
    MN - Anderson Lakes
    MN - Brownsville Creek
    MN - west of Oshawa.
    MN - Barwise Lake, S side of Lk; CoRd 7 & 339
    MN - CoRd 8 west of Knife Lake
    MN - Elkhorn Lake; State TH 23
    MN - Near Hallock, Hwy 75 & CoRd 175.
    MN - Rantas Bay, Kabetogama Lake, Voygeurs National Park
    MN - Moose Lake. Land leased to Girl Scouts by US Forest Service. Fernberg Rd's Forest Rd 1542
    MN - north of Waubun
    MN - Thief Lake, On N Lk Rd, just E of Sanctuary Boundary; CoRd 48
    MN - Dassel, MN. Hwy 15 & CSAH 24
    MN - Mille Lacs Lake
    MN - Shay's Island, west of Gregory.
    MN - Poor Farm Bay of Swan Lake; County Hwy 4
    MN - Whitewater; CoRd 9
    MN - Anna Lake Co Rd 35
    MN - St. Croix River
    MN - Mentor. US 2
    MN - Lake Johanna. both sides of Rd- sites 555, 894, 895. Extensive shrub/cattail marsh complex S of Lk Johanna; Co
    MN - Blacktop path around site in Battle Creek Park.; Upper Afton Rd.
    MN - Circle Lake. About 100 acres W shres Circle Lk. Public access, spreading.Also N of CoRd 61; CoRd 61 near NW co
    MN - Nereson WMA
    MN - Minregs Lake. On floating mat in Lk; CoRd 91
    MN - Cantlin Lake; Hwy 169
    MN - 5 mi NW of Swan Lake
    MN - Berg Lake. CoRd 59
    MN - Sauk Lake. City Property by campground and island; Hwy 71
    MN - 1 mi N of CSAH 16 & CoRd 85
    MN - Little Birch Lake. SW corner intersection, Amigo/Angler Dr
    MN - Mississippi River (R.M. 771.5) [Lake Pepin in Lake City, MN]
    MN - Located in wetland off creek W of 141th Ave. just N of Knobhill Rd.; Co. Rd. 4 & 141th Ave.
    MN - Le Sueur River. S sd of CoRd 56; 1/4 mi E of CoRd 56 & CSAH 8 Intrsc
    MN - Lake Alice.
    MN - Curry Slough WMA. Located in N end of wetland on Curry Slough; Co. Hwy 3 & Co. Hwy 18
    MN - Lake Winona, west shore {updated by map from OBS 143}. City of Winona; Interstate 14-61
    MN - In low grassy thicket on N shre of Buffalo Lake; CSAH 35
    MI - near Ash Acres, MI
    WI - Petenwell Lake, near
    WI - Alex Pond
    WI - Bear Lake
    WI - Sioux River, north of Chequamegon Bay
    WI - Beaver Creek Dam, Velp Ave and Riverside Dr. Bridge
    WI - Mississippi River
    WI - South of St. Croix State Park
    WI - near Forest Junction
    WI - Cornell Flowage
    WI - west of Dorchester
    WI - Wisconsin River
    WI - Mississippi River
    WI - Grass
    WI - Beaver Dam Lake
    WI - Keyes Creek
    WI - Amnicon Lake
    WI - Menomonie, WI, south of Lake Menomin
    WI - north of Altoona Lake
    WI - West of Kingsford, WI. 1/2 mile W. cnty N on cnty C roadside
    WI - Long Lake [~7 mi NE of Campbellsport, WI]
    WI - Pickerel Lake, intersection of forest ln & pickerel lake rd on private land
    WI - Wisconsin River
    WI - North of Lake Puckaway
    WI - Wisconsin River, east of Lone Rock
    WI - North of Franklin
    WI - Lake Koshkonong
    WI - North of Union Center
    WI - Kenosha, WI - Mouth of Pike River, Hwy 32
    WI - Ahnapee River near Algoma
    WI - La Crosse River, near Neshonoc Lake
    WI - Yellowstone Lake
    WI - private boat landing at Kimball Lake
    WI - Lake Mohawksin
    WI - East Twin River, near Two Rivers, WI
    WI - Lake Du Bay
    WI - Glen Lake - Bolander landing
    WI - East of Neshkoro
    WI - Evergreen River SE of White Lake
    WI - Lincoln Creek, Milwaukee, WI
    WI - S of Cataract, WI
    WI - Machickanee Flowage (Stiles Lake)
    WI - Bridge: Bass Lake, banks & Hwy 17 roadside.
    WI - North of Appleton, WI
    WI - Long Lake
    WI - N side Stockholm Pond
    WI - South of Martell, WI
    WI - North Twin
    WI - Wisconsin River Flowage
    WI - Long Lake
    WI - Bohner Lake
    WI - near Ithaca, WI
    WI - south of Lake Koshkonong
    WI - South of Ladysmith,m WI - N of Flambeau Rd, hwy 27
    WI - Devils Lake
    WI - West Fork Chippewa
    WI - Shawano Lake
    WI - Black River, near Lake Michigan
    WI - Apple River
    WI - south of Whittlesey
    WI - near Perrot State Park
    WI - Big Lake
    WI - Army Lake (East Troy Lake)
    WI - Boyle Brook
    WI - Big Cedar Lake (Cedar Lake)
    WI - Bark River
    WI - S shore Campbell Lake
    WI - NE of Wild Rose, WI
    WI - near Lake Butte des Morts
    WI - Yellow River, near Dexter County Park
    MI - Mouth of AuTrain River, From M28 go south on H03 to south end of Autrain Lake
    MI - south of Kingston, WI
    WI - near Trempealeau NWR
    MI - De Tour State Park
    MI - south of Huron Mountain, SW of Ives Lake
    MN - Kego Lake
    MN - Bay Lake Outlet - Coffee Lk to Bay Lk to Tame Fish Lk; marsh & Rdside; CoRd 10 & 14
    MN - S branch Two Rivers; US 75 & State TH 175
    MN - South of Hallock, MN
    MN - near International Falls, MN
    MN - Approx. 1/4 mile N of Co. Rd. #3 on E side of Alger grade; County Rd. #3 and Alger Grade - Beaver Bay; County Rd. #3 & Alger Grade
    MN - 1 site above intersection of CR124/CR131 & are below the intersection; CR 124 (Holm Rd)
    MN - PLS located adjacent to church; County 28;
    MN - East of Haug MN
    MN - Eveleth; Co. Rd 16 & Hwy 7.; Co. Rd 16 & Hwy 7
    MI - Eckerman Corner ditch, Hwy 123/28, state land
    MI - 2 miles north of Trout Lake
    MI - St. Marys River near Sault Ste. Marie, MI
    MN - Lake Bemidji, Lavinia Rd. N (county hwy 19)
    MN - Movil Lake
    MN - Lake Minnewaska
    MN - Lake St. Joe
    MN - Lake Zumbra
    MN - Lotus Lake
    MN - Dade Lake
    MN - Gull River slew
    MN - Hand Lake outlet
    MN - Leech Lake
    MN - Leech Lake
    MN - Gull Lake
    MN - Upper Sylvan Rd; PLS in a ditch leading to a wetland
    MN - Swan Lake
    MN - Cascade Lake
    MN - Hartley Lake
    MN - Lake Edward
    MN - Little Pelican Lake
    MN - north of Frontenac State Park along HWY 61/63
    MN - Between Frontenac State Park and Hay Creek
    MN - Lake Katrina
    MN - Lake Minnetonka
    MN - south of Reno, MN
    MN - Lake Monongalia
    MN - Long Lake
    MN - International Falls, MN
    MN - north of Holt, MN
    MN - East Lake Ripley
    MN - Pierz Lake
    MN - Shamineau Lake [20 mi WSW of Brainerd], near public boat ramp
    MN - Swan River Delta
    MN - Zebulon Pike Lake
    MN - Upper Pine Lake
    MN - near Badger
    MN - near Badger, MN
    MN - Carey Lake
    MN - Clear Lake
    MN - Crane Lake [boundary waters wilderness area]
    MN - Fish Lake [=Fishing Lakes?]
    MN - Kelly Lake
    MN - Lake Vermilion [large lake N of Tower, MN]
    MN - Little Grand Lake
    MN - Long Lake
    MN - Middle Sturgeon Lake
    MN - Murphy Lake
    MN - Mississippi River near Maple Springs, MN
    MN - Pelican Lake
    MN - Twin Lake
    MN - East Beltrami
    MN - Blackduck, MN
    MN - Turtle Lake
    MN - south of Wilton, MN
    MN - Lake Virginia south. Bayview Rd.
    MN - Lotus Lake
    MN - Schutz Lake
    MN - Steiger Lake
    MN - Colorado Pond
    MN - Located in Ramblewood Slough; 15th Ave. and 9th st. SW
    MN - Sandy Point Bay, Kabetogama Lake, Voyageurs National Park
    MN - Kabetogama Lake
    MN - Voyageurs National Park
    MN - Voyageur's NP
    MN - west of Haug, MN
    MN - NE of Badger, MN
    MN - Greenbush, MN
    MN - Crane Lake [boundary waters wilderness area]
    MN - French River Rd & Normanna Rd
    MN - Kelly Lake Creek (outlet)
    MN - Pelican River
    MN - Pequaywan Lake
    MN - Pike Lake
    MN - Pike River, near Peyla, MN
    MN - St. Mary's Lake, south of Eveleth, MN
    MN - West Swan River, south of Kelly Lake
    MN - Lake John East
    MN - Sugar Lake

Myriophyllum spicatum

    MI - Lake Antoine [just NE of Iron Mtn, MI]
    MI - Bass Lake
    MI - Houghton/Baraga, Prickett Lake
    MN - Coon Lake
    MN - Lura Lake
    MN - Burandt Lake
    MN - Leech Lake
    MN - North Lindstrom Lake
    MN - Earley Lake
    MN - North Arbor Pond
    MN - Manuella Lake
    MN - Mille Lacs Lake
    MN - Lake Alexander
    MN - Cross Lake
    MN - DNR pond 3
    MN - Eagle Lake
    MN - Little Birch Lake
    MN - Clear Lake
    MN - Big Marine Lake
    MN - Howard Lake
    WI - Duck Lake
    WI - Mississippi River, Big Bay
    WI - Ham Lake
    WI - Lake Hallie
    WI - Mud Lake
    WI - Lake Eau Galle
    WI - Woodman Slough
    WI - Helen Lake
    WI - Decorah Lake
    WI - Cross Lake
    WI - Black River in La Crosse, Wisconsin
    WI - Big Twin Lake
    WI - Clear Lake
    WI - Legend Lake near Keshena
    WI - Bridge Lake
    WI - Thompson Lake
    WI - Duroy Lake
    WI - Fox River
    WI - Clear Lake
    WI - Callahan Lake
    WI - Bass Lake
    MN - Lake Superior at Superior Bay along Minnesota Point (the cape)
    WI - Chequamegon Waters Flowage
    WI - Horseshoe HREP, Mississippi River
    WI - Arrowhead Lake (a.k.a. Little Star Lake)
    WI - Peters Lake
    WI - Totagatic River
    WI - Lower Phantom Lake (Howitt Lake)
    MI - Clearwater
    MI - Crooked Lake, near Watersmeet
    MI - Duck Lake
    MI - Langford Lake
    MI - Little African Lake
    MI - Pomeroy Lake
    MI - Lake Superior (upper Marquette Harbor)
    MI - Bass Lake
    MI - Carney Lake
    MI - Mary Lake
    MI - Sawyer Lake
    MI - Buck Lake
    MI - Chicagon Lake
    MI - Ice Lake
    MI - Paint Pond (Paint River Pond)
    MI - Runkle Lake
    MN - South Arbor (pond)
    MN - West Arbor (pond)
    MN - Gravel Pit
    WI - Moshawquit Lake
    WI - Loon Lake
    WI - Watersmeet Lake, state natural area
    WI - Mukwonago Park Pond
    WI - Wilson Lake

Nasturtium officinale

    WI - Vilas County, WI. Private natural area off Presque Isle Lake along County Road W.
    WI - Ashland WI off Chequamegon Bay, Woodland edge in municipal naturl area
    WI - Douglas County, WI, State natural area NE of Solong Springs

Osmerus mordax

    WI - Whitefish Lake

Potamogeton crispus

    MI - Cowboy Lake
    MI - Lindsley Lake
    WI - Arrowhead Lake (Manchester Lake)
    WI - Red Cedar Lake
    WI - Hart Lake
    WI - Clam River Flowage
    WI - Becker Lake
    WI - Lake Hallie
    WI - Mead Lake
    WI - Lazy Lake (Fall River Millpond)
    WI - Fox Lake
    WI - Clark Lake
    WI - Saint Croix Flowage, state natural area
    WI - Tainter Lake
    WI - Altoona Lake
    WI - Kettle Moraine Lake (Round Lake)
    WI - Big Green Lake
    WI - Wilson Lake
    WI - Blue Spring Lake
    WI - Decorah Lake
    WI - Center Lake
    WI - Ahnapee River
    WI - Bullhead Lake
    WI - Lake Wausau
    WI - Comstock Lake
    WI - Silver Birch Lake
    WI - St. Croix River (R.M. 6.5) at Kinnickinnic Narrows [mouth of Kinnickinnic River]
    WI - Apple River Flowage
    WI - Plover River, In Iverson Park, in a backwater of the Plover R.
    WI - Musser Lake
    WI - Bohner Lake
    WI - Gibbs Lake (Big Spring Lake)
    WI - Chippewa River
    WI - Dutch Hollow Lake
    WI - Connors Lake
    WI - Long Lake
    WI - Beechwood Lake
    WI - Bass Lake
    WI - Jersey Valley Lake
    WI - Beulah Lake [~2 mi SW of Mukwonago]
    WI - Long Lake, state natural area
    WI - Big Cedar Lake (Cedar Lake)
    WI - Ashippun Lake [~1 mi N of Oconomowoc]
    WI - Long Lake, Waupaca County
    WI - Bughs Lake
    WI - Cranberry Flowage (Cranberry Creek)
    WI - Big Lake, WI
    WI - Lake Waubesa, in Madison
    WI - Unnamed creek NW of Antigo, WI
    WI - Grindstone Lake
    WI - Correction Creek

Potamopyrgus antipodarum

    MN - Lake Superior, Duluth Harbor

Typha angustifolia

    MI - Lake Gogebic, MI. Highway M64 Right of Way.
    MI - Lake Gogebic, Private right of way off M64
    WI - Great Divide Wayside Park. USFS land.
    WI - North of Brule, WI. State land, right-of-way of S County Highway H.
    WI - SW of Lac du Flambeau - USFS land along Highway 70.

Viviparus georgianus

    MI - Gogebic, state natural area
    MN - Mille Lacs
    WI - McKenzie Lake
    WI - Upper St. Croix Lake
    WI - Echo Lake
    WI - Grand Portage
    WI - Carrol Lake. State natural area.
    WI - Madeline Lake. State natural area.
    WI - Lake Nokomis
    WI - Pelican Lake, Oneida County
    WI - Pickerel Lake. State natural area.
    WI - Tomahawk River. State boat landing.
    WI - Half Moon Lake. State Natural area.
    WI - Lake Chetac, state boatlanding
    WI - Nelson Lake, state natural area
    WI - Sand Lake, state natural area
    WI - Big Arbor Vitae Lake
    WI - Big Saint Germain Lake
    WI - Clear Lake
    WI - Lake Content, state natural area
    WI - Fawn (Mud) Lake
    WI - Forest Lake, state natural area
    WI - Found Lake, state natural area
    WI - High Lake
    WI - Lac Vieux Desert Lake
    WI - Little Arbor Vitae Lake
    WI - Little John Lake
    WI - Lost Lake. State natural area.
    WI - Oxbow Lake, near Upper Oxbow
    WI - Razorback Lake
    WI - Star Lake
    WI - Upper Ninemile, state natural area.
    WI - Wild Rice Lake (Half Way)
    WI - Wildcat Lake, state natural area
    WI - Long Lake, state natural area

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The data represented on this site vary in accuracy, scale, completeness, extent of coverage and origin. It is the user's responsibility to use these data consistent with their intended purpose and within stated limitations. We highly recommend reviewing metadata files prior to interpreting these data.

Citation information: U.S. Geological Survey. [2018]. Nonindigenous Aquatic Species Database. Gainesville, Florida. Accessed [1/16/2018].

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