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Ueda, K., J. Belmonte, A. Shepard, P. Leary, and S. Loarie. 2019. California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, CA. Accessed on 01/29/2019.
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Reference Number: 25944
Type: Database
Author: Ueda, K., J. Belmonte, A. Shepard, P. Leary, and S. Loarie.
Date (year): 2019
Publisher:California Academy of Sciences
Publisher Location:San Francisco, CA
Accessed on: 01/29/2019
Created on:
Keywords: citizen science, Trapa natans
Species Profiles and Specimens that use this Reference:

Acanthogobius flavimanus

    CA - Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, Alviso, CA, USA
    CA - San Francisco Bay
    CA - San Jose, California, United States

Alternanthera philoxeroides

    LA - Bayou des Familles, Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve
    TX - Anahuac NWR
    NC - Dare county
    GA - Walter F. George Reservoir, Eufaula National Wildlife Refuge
    AR - Little Maumelle River, downstream of Pinncale Mountain State Park
    TX - Ba Steinhagen Lake
    FL - [Sawgrass Lake Park]
    TX - [Raven Lake] Huntsville State Park
    AL - [Lagoon Park]
    TX - Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge
    LA - [Highway 55 Canal]
    GA - [marsh NW of St. Mary's Rd at railroad crossing]
    FL - St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge
    FL - [NW junction of Connors Hwy and SR 80]
    SC - [Lake Conestee Nature Park]
    TX - [private pond, E of East Caddo Creek]
    NC - [MacKay Island National Wildlife Refuge]
    NC - [Currituck Heritage Park]
    NC - Mackay Island National Wildlife Refuge
    VA - Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge

Astyanax mexicanus

    TX - [Goliad State Park and Historic Site]
    TX - [San Antonio River]
    TX - Calhoun County, US-TX, US [Green Lake]
    TX - Calhoun County, US-TX, US [Coloma Creek]
    TX - Calhoun County, US-TX, US [East Coloma Creek]

Azolla pinnata pinnata

    FL - Grassy Waters Nature Preserve
    FL - [canal, north of Loxahatchee NWR]

Bacopa monnieri

    CA - Whittier Narrows Recreation Area

Butomus umbellatus

    OR - [Columbia River near Hat Rock State Park]
    OH - [Mentor Marsh]
    OH - northern edge of Bunn's Lake, near parking lot
    OH - [pond between E Pleasant Valley Rd and Riverview Rd]
    OH - [Bunn Lake]
    OH - [Sandusky Bay]
    OH - [east of Walnut Beach Park]
    OH - Edge of bath creek and into moore's chapel restoration
    OH - Moore's Chapel Wetland Restoration at Bath Nature Preserve
    OH - Bath nature preserve

Cabomba caroliniana

    MA - Parker Mills Pond, Agawam River
    MA - [Chebacco Lake, at Centennial Grove Rd]
    NY - [Seaman Pond, Wanatagh State Park]
    MA - [Concord River at confluence with Assabet River]

Ceratopteris thalictroides

    FL - roadside ditch between Salt and South Lakes, Salt Lake Wildlife Management Area

Cyperus blepharoleptos

    FL - pond SE of intersection of Conroy Rd and S Kirkman Rd, Orlando
    TX - Greens Bayou Wetlands Mitigation Bank
    TX - Greens Bayou Wetlands Mitigation Bank
    TX - Greens Bayou Wetlands Mitigation Bank

Cyprinus carpio

    OH - ohio and erie canal towpath ira rd
    OH - Towpath Trail/Ira
    PA - Willliam Kain Park, York, PA
    PA - Apollo County Park, York, PA
    PA - William Kain Park, York PA
    PA - Apollo County Park, York, PA
    PA - Pymatuning Reservoir water surface at dam (CRAWFORD)
    TX - 577–969 County Road 56, Alvin, TX, US
    TX - 12426–12434 State Highway 35 S, Tivoli, TX, US
    TX - 1695–2099 Caribbean Dr, Corpus Christi, TX, US
    TX - 2113 Ramfield Rd, Corpus Christi, TX, US

Eichhornia crassipes

    OH - Rowe Woods Cincinnati Nature Center pond
    OH - Ohio & Erie Canal Reservation, Louis J. Bacci Park, Cleveland Metroparks
    PR - creek north of PR 3 E in Pitahaya
    PR - Calle del Caño Final, BO Juana Matos
    PR - Laguna Cartagena
    PR - Laguna Cartegena
    TX - Raven Lake, Huntsville State Park
    HI - Waioli Beach Park, Hanalei Bay
    GA - Walter F George Reservoir, near West C Bradley Rd
    GA - Walter F. George Reservoir, Eufaula National Wildlife Refuge
    AL - Walter F. George Reservoir, Eufaula National Wildlife Refuge
    TX - Ba Steinhagen Lake
    TX - wetland area near Avenue T and 28th St, SW of Santa Fe
    TX - Ba Steinhagen Lake
    TX - [Raven Lake] Huntsville State Park
    GA - Okefenokee Swamp
    GA - [Maul Hammock Lake] Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge
    TX - Eagle Lake
    MS - All at south boat ramp, Lake Okhissa, Homochitto NF
    GA - [Banks Lake]
    CA - [Spring Lake Park]
    SC - Intercoastal Waterway [near North Myrtle Beach]
    NC - [golf course pond near Intercoastal Waterway] Sunset Beach
    LA - [Apple Ridge, near Apple Pie Ridge Rd and Hwy 90]
    LA - [Highway 55 Canal]
    LA - [Carlin Bayou, Delcambre]
    LA - Jungle Gardens, Avery Island
    CA - Spring Creek Trail [Spring Lake Park]
    AL - [Threemile Creek at Langan Joseph N Park]
    FL - St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge
    AL - [Cambrian Ridge Golf Course]
    FL - Saint Vincent National Wildlife Refuge
    HI - Punaluu County [Black Sand] Beach Park
    CA - [West Napa Reservoir]
    MI - [Marsh east of Lake Solitude]
    FL - Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve
    FL - [Big Slough, Myakkahatchee Park]
    MS - [Le Fleurs Bluff State Park, Pearl River]
    FL - [Lake Talquin]
    FL - [Lake Talquin]
    TX - Lake Gladewater [at Glade Creek]
    FL - [Highlands Hammock State Park]
    AL - North Industrial Area, [Spanish River]
    GA - [Lake Seminole, S of Silver Lake]
    GA - [Lake Seminole, S of Spring Creek]
    AL - Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge
    TX - [irrigation canal along N Robertson Rd]

Eleutherodactylus cystignathoides

    TX - [Laffite's Cove Nature Society]
    TX - [Lakeville Dr, Kingwood, TX 77339, USA]
    TX - [Braeswood Blvd, Houston, TX 77071, USA]
    TX - Galveston County, US-TX, US [Jibstay Court]

Faxonius rusticus

    PA - Lake Erie near Presque Isle State Park

Hydrilla verticillata

    TN - Emory River near Nemo, Obed Wild & Scenic River

Hydrilla verticillata [dioecious]

    TX - LLELA - Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area, Denton
    LA - Lake Salvador
    TX - Caddo Lake Wildlife Management Area
    TN - Nickajack Lake, near SW side of I-24 bridge
    TX - Lake Raven, Huntsville State Park
    FL - [Sawgrass Lake Park]
    TX - [Raven Lake, Huntsville State Park]
    FL - Aucilla River [Caney Branch, south of Gamble Rd]
    TX - [Waxahachie Creek between Midlothian and Waxahachie]
    TX - [Pin Oak Creek pond]
    AL - North Industrial Area, [Spanish River]
    AL - Bay Minette Creek, Daphne
    TX - [Walter E. Long Lake]
    TX - [Lake Creek, E of S Oconner Dr]
    TX - [Lake Pflugerville]
    TX - [Lake Pflugerville]
    TX - [Raven Lake]
    TX - Bane [Cy-Fair] Park
    TX - [Fairfield Lake]
    TX - Rio Vista Park
    TX - Ray Roberts Lake State Park - Isle Du Bois Unit
    TX - [Lewisville Lake at LLELA]
    TX - [Marion Sansom Park]
    TX - [Martin Creek Lake State Park]
    TX - [Rogers Lake]
    TX - [Lake Gilmer]
    TX - [Lake O the Pines]

Hydrilla verticillata [monoecious]

    OH - Sanctuary Marsh, North Chagrin Metropolitan Park
    VA - James River, Northbank Park
    AL - [Saltpeter Cover, North Saulty Creek]
    OH - Lake Hope
    CT - CT-3 S [Keeney Cove]
    CT - [Keeney Cove]

Hydrocharis morsus-ranae

    PA - Akeley Swamp, Conewango Creek
    NY - [Basher Kill]

Hygrophila polysperma

    FL - Lettuce Lake Park

Hypostomus plecostomus

    CA - Los Angeles, California, United States

Iris pseudacorus

    PA - Oil Creek State Park, Oil City, PA
    MN - McKinney Lake, NE shore
    CA - Fox Pond, N of Healdsburg
    OR - [Francis Schrader Old Growth Trailhead]
    OR - Butler Creek [near Reedsport]
    OR - [Umpqua River near Little Canyon Creek]
    NY - [Owasco Flats, S of Owasco Lake]
    NY - [Owasco Inlet]
    NV - [Cottonwood Spring, Blue Diamond]

Landoltia punctata

    SC - [wetland near Toogoodoo Creek, near Little Britton Rd]
    CA - [ditch along Union-Pacific railroad, W of San Vicente Creek]
    CA - [Upper Bidwell Park]

Lepomis auritus

    TX - 9341–10463 Highway 105 W, Conroe, TX, US
    TX - Goliad, TX 77963, USA [Perdido Creek]

Lepomis gibbosus

    WA - Lily Lake, Wenatchee, WA


    CA - [Antioch Point]

Limnophila sessiliflora

    FL - [Jonathan Dickinson State Park]
    FL - [Boggy Creek S of Central Florida Greeneway]
    FL - [Triple N Ranch WMA]
    FL - Triple N Ranch Wildlife Management Area: Loop Road
    FL - Triple N Ranch Wildlife Management Area
    FL - [Arbuckle Creek, S of Lake Arbuckle]

Ludwigia hexapetala

    CA - Vasona Lake County Park

Ludwigia peploides montevidensis

    CA - Coyote Creek Trail
    CA - Quail Hollow Ranch County Park
    CA - [Coyote Creek, near Tulare Hill]

Lythrum salicaria

    OH - [wetland south of Sandusky Bay]

Marsilea minuta

    AL - [Lagoon Park]

Monopterus sp.

    TX - Johnson Creek, Grand Prairie

Myocastor coypus

    NC - Lake Mattamuskeet, Mattamuskeet National Wildlife Refuge, Hyde

Myriophyllum aquaticum

    NM - tributary of the Rio Grande, Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge
    CA - Bitney Springs Rd pond, E of Lone Lobo Trail intersection
    CA - Sacramento River oxbow, S of Edgewater Dr
    CA - Snake River canal W of Boulton Rd
    CA - Little Chico Creek, E of Hwy 99
    LA - Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve
    VA - Third Branch Lake, Pocahontas State Park
    VA - Hidden Pond Park
    NC - Hoyt Hinson Pond, Ribbonwalk Nature Preserve
    VA - Rappahannock Canal
    VA - Swift Creek Reservoir, near Swift Creek inflow
    NC - Merchants Mill Pond, at Bennetts Creek outflow
    SC - Saluda River, at Saluda Shoals Park
    GA - Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area
    GA - Bull Sluice Lake, Chattahoochee River
    TX - Joe Pool Lake, near Cedar Hill State Park shore
    GA - Walter F. George Reservoir, Eufaula National Wildlife Refuge
    FL - Alligator Creek, Upstream of Millsa Creek
    AR - Little Maumelle River, downstream of Pinncale Mountain State Park
    MS - Spring Creek [Lake], Wall Doxey State Park
    NC - Dismal Swamp Canal, Dismal Swamp State Park
    NC - Catawba Creek, Lake Wylie, near Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden
    NC - Colonel Francis J. Beatty Regional Park pond
    NC - pond near Poplar Tent Rd in Cox Mill
    OH - [pond near The Plains, off Hwy 33]
    OH - [pond in The Plains, off Hwy 33]
    SC - [Retention pond near Bridge Creek]
    TX - [Lake O The Pines] Lone Star Park Rd
    OR - [small pond near Portland International Center]
    OR - [Smith Lake County Park]
    TN - Spring Place Park [Love Creek]
    KY - Bybee Drowning Creek Road
    OR - [tributary of the Lewis and Clark River, by Fort Clatsop Rd]
    AL - [Milkhouse Creek at] the Covenant School
    OR - [Saunders Creek at Tenmile Lake]
    OR - [Tenmile Creek, at Tenmile Lake]
    LA - [North Course at City Park]
    MS - Wall Doxey State Park
    NM - canal at Bosque del Apache NWR
    SC - [Magnolia Plantation and Gardens]
    AL - 911 Perryman St, Evergreen
    FL - [Lake Talquin]
    SC - Lake Conestee Nature Park
    FL - [Boggy Creek S of Central Florida Greeneway]
    TN - Lake Cheston
    TN - [Grundy Lake, Number One]
    TN - [Wolftever Creek at] Ooltewah Ringgold Rd
    TN - [Murfree Spring Wetlands]
    TN - [Grundy Lake Number One]
    GA - [Ridge Ferry Park]
    NC - [Lindscomb Branch]

Myriophyllum heterophyllum

    MA - Tully Pond
    OR - [Siltcoos Lake, near Dunes City]

Myriophyllum spicatum

    NV - Crystal Peak Park, Verdi
    MA - Charles River, near Edgewater Drive, Dedham
    NJ - [Little Swartswood Lake]
    NJ - [Lake Hopatcong, Hopatcong State Park]
    OR - [Columbia River, near Astoria Bridge]
    MN - Ham Lake Park, Ham Lake
    MI - [pond east of Hwy 23, between Ida Center Rd and Todd Rd]
    AL - [Fowl River at split]
    CA - 3115 Jameson Beach Rd, South Lake Tahoe
    WA - 7777 62nd Avenue Northeast [Lake Washington]
    OR - Smith and Bybee Wetlands Natural Area
    WA - [Green Lake]
    OH - Chippewa Lake
    OH - Lake Medina
    CA - Lake Berryessa
    MN - Piersons Lake
    MA - Littoral Plot E [Sudsbury Reservoir]
    MI - [Eagle Lake, Fort Custer Recreation Area]
    NY - [Black Creek Park]
    MI - [Deep Lake, Yankee Springs Twp]
    MI - [Dagget Lake]
    OH - Punderson Lake
    UT - Fish Lake

Najas marina

    OH - [wetland south of Sandusky Bay]

Najas minor

    DC - Anacostia River, near Fort McNair
    VA - Cat Point Creek [near Sexton Hill Branch]
    OH - Rocky River Reservation [pond near Albion Rd]
    OH - [Mogadore Reservoir Park]
    WV - [Tygart Lake]
    OH - Cuyahoga Valley [pond near Cuyahoga River]
    OH - [Youctangee Park]
    TX - [Lake Waxahachie]
    OH - Lake Medina
    NY - West [Salmon] Creek, [Braddock Bay]

Nasturtium officinale

    CA - 3500 Coast Rd, Santa Cruz
    WI - [Prentice Park]

Nelumbo nucifera

    WV - McClintic WMA ponds near Mill Run, E of Ohio River
    NC - [MacKay Island National Wildlife Refuge]
    HI - [Na Ala Hele: Manoa Falls Trail]
    HI - Allerton gardens [near mouth of Lawai Stream at Lawai Bay]
    NC - Bethabara Park

Nitellopsis obtusa

    MI - About 0.6 miles west of M-25 on Pigeon Rd on the coast of Saginaw Bay
    MI - [Geiger Rd, Saginaw Bay]
    MI - Bayport

Nymphaea capensis zanzibariensis

    FL - Jupiter Ridge Natural Area
    HI - Punaluu Black Sand Beach Park

Nymphaea lotus

    LA - Blind River, W of railroad tracks and Airline Hwy [61]

Nymphaea odorata odorata

    MT - Holland Lake

Nymphaea sp.

    LA - Blind River, W of Airline Hwy [61] and the railroad tracks
    LA - Blind River, N of I-10
    LA - Blind River, N of I-10
    HI - Kawainui Marsh, Maunawili Stream

Nymphoides cristata

    TX - Arboretum Lake, Houston Arboretum & Nature Center
    TX - Memorial Park, Houston Arboretum
    TX - roadside pond, N of Pine Island Bayou, off FM 787 near the county line
    FL - Kirby Storter Roadside Park, off Tamiami Trail E
    LA - Bayou Lours [Amite River]
    FL - Big Cypress National Preserve
    FL - Picnic Island Loop Trail [Riverbend Park]
    FL - Big Cypress
    FL - [canal at] Belle Glade
    FL - [canal N of Okeeheelee Park]

Nymphoides humboldtiana

    TX - [Corpus Christi Bay] (area obscured)

Nymphoides peltata

    OH - Washington Park, Cleveland
    NY - Alley Pond Park
    MD - Paint Branch, N of E Randolph Rd, in Fairview Estates
    VA - retention pond, S of Reynovia Lake
    OH - Aurora Branch, South Chagrin Reservation
    OR - private pond off Snowberry Rd, Reston Ridge
    NY - Prospect Park Lake, Brooklyn
    MI - Hodenpyl Woods [near Reeds Lake]

Osteopilus septentrionalis

    GA - Jekyll Island, 550 S. Beachview Dr
    GA - Jekyll Island, 1171-1177 N Loop Trail
    GA - Thunderbolt, GA near E Victory Dr.

Pistia stratiotes

    TX - White Lake, Cullinan Park
    OH - Brunswick Fraternal Order of Police Lodge Pond
    OH - Ohio & Erie Canal Reservation, Louis J. Bacci Park, Cleveland Metroparks
    HI - Kawainui Marsh, Maunawili Stream
    FL - [Sawgrass Lake Park]

Pomacea sp.

    HI - Kawainui Marsh, Maunawili Stream

Potamogeton crispus

    WI - Lake Butte des Morts, near Daggets Creek
    OH - Cuyahoga Valley [National Park pond along the Cuyahoga River]
    MI - [pond east of Hwy 23, between Ida Center Rd and Todd Rd]
    OH - [Euclid Creek at] Acacia Reservation
    OH - Headlands Beach State Park
    OH - [Snow Lake]
    OH - Lake Medina
    OH - [wetland south of Muddy Creek Bay] 8000–8952 Heywood Rd, Castalia
    WA - [Palouse River, N of Palouse Falls State Park]

Procambarus clarkii

    GA - Tributary to Lake Latimer
    GA - Tributary to Lake Latimer
    TX - Buddy Holly Recreation Area

Pterois volitans/miles

    PR - locality obscured for privacy
    PR - Las Cabezas de San Juan Reserve
    PR - [Punta Colorado]

Pterygoplichthys sp.

    TX - Mission Bend, TX, USA [Drainage canal near Rocky Valley Road]
    TX - 3535 War Memorial Drive, Houston, TX 77084, USA [Bear Creek Park]
    TX - Eldridge Retention Basin, Houston, TX 77082, USA [Brays Bayou]
    TX - Faust Street Bridge New Braunfels, TX 78130 [Guadalupe River]
    TX - [Sims Bayou]

Rhinella marina

    VI - Shoys Est, Christiansted [golf course]
    VI - Cane Bay
    GU - [Tamuning]
    GU - [near UOG Marine Lab]
    GU - [Between Route 10 and Route 15]
    GU - Yigo
    GU - [Guam Veterans Cemetary] Xterra Run

Rotala rotundifolia

    FL - Tamiami Canal, between Levee 67a and Krome Ave
    FL - Golden Glades Canal, along NW 77th Ct
    FL - [canal, east of Tree Island Park & Preserve]
    FL - [canal, east of Tree Island Park & Preserve]
    FL - [ponds near golf course, east of canal]
    FL - [Tamiami Canal, east of Everglades Safari Park entrance]

Salmo trutta

    CA - Sagehen Creek Field Station

Salvelinus fontinalis

    CA - Sequoia NP, CA
    CA - Emigrant Wilderness, Tuolumne County, CA, USA
    CA - Thousand Island Lake, Ansel Adams Wilderness, Inyo National Forest
    CA - Emigrant Wilderness, CA, USA
    CA - [No locality string in original GBIF record]
    CA - Sagehen Creek Field Station

Salvinia minima

    TX - Greens Bayou Wetlands Mitigation Bank
    OH - Ohio & Erie Canal Reservation, Louis J. Bacci Park, Cleveland Metroparks
    GA - Walter F. George Reservoir, Eufaula National Wildlife Refuge
    AL - Walter F. George Reservoir, Eufaula National Wildlife Refuge
    FL - [Sawgrass Lake Park]
    AL - [Apalachee River, Historic Blakeley State Park]
    AL - [Apalachee River, Historic Blakely State Park]
    AL - [Mobile River at I-65]
    LA - [Highway 55 Canal]
    FL - Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve
    FL - [Ochlockonee River, E of Lake Talquin]
    AL - North Industrial Area, [Spanish River]
    FL - 3940 Keystone Rd, Tarpon Springs
    TX - Greens Bayou Wetlands Mitigation Bank
    TX - Martin Dies State Park [Ba Steinhagen Lake]
    TX - [Big Thicket National Preserve]
    TX - Caddo Lake NWR
    TX - Big Thicket National Preserve
    TX - [Dwight Eisenhower Park]
    TX - [Martin Dies, Jr. State Park]

Salvinia molesta

    TX - Caddo Lake NWR
    LA - Bistineau State Park
    LA - Buzzard Bay
    TX - Ames Spring Basin, Caddo Lake
    TX - Huntsville State Park
    TX - Toledo Bend Reservoir, at McGrue Creek
    TX - Carter Lake, at Fr Camp Rd
    TX - Lake Texana, Edna
    TX - Ames Spring Basin, Caddo Lake
    TX - Sam Rayburn Revervoir, at the shore right off the 103 highway
    TX - Caddo Lake State Park
    LA - Jungle Gardens, Avery Island
    LA - Calcasieu West Fork, Sam Houston Jones State Park road, Lake Charles
    MS - Mississippi Sound beach, from West Pascagoula River [Graveline Bayou]
    LA - Lacassine National Wildlife Refuge
    TX - Caddo Lake, at Pine Bluff
    TX - Sheldon Lake State Park
    LA - Calcasieu West Fork, Sam Houston Jones State Park road, Lake Charles
    TX - Huntsville State Park
    LA - Calcasieu West Fork, Sam Houston Jones State Park road, Lake Charles
    PR - Fraile, inland from Puerto del Manglar
    TX - Lake Conroe, at Forest Rd 204A
    TX - Caddo Lake, at Marion County Rd 3637
    TX - Raven Lake, Huntsville State Park
    TX - Mill Pond, Caddo Lake State Park
    TX - Mill Pond, Caddo Lake State Park
    TX - Big Cypress Bayou, near Back Lake
    LA - Lake Arthur, Lacassine NWR
    TX - [Ba Steinhagen Lake]
    LA - golf course creek, W of Bayou St. John at Spanish Fort
    TX - [Raven Lake, Huntsville State Park]
    MS - [Bayou Castelle]
    LA - [Apple Ridge, near Apple Pie Ridge Rd and Hwy 90]
    LA - Fontainebleau State Park
    LA - [Carlin Bayou, Delcambre]
    MS - Shepard State Park - tidal bayou
    LA - [Black Bayou Lake]
    AL - [Tombigbee River, S of Warsaw Bar]
    LA - [Soda Lake State WMA]
    MS - [Graveline Bayou, near Beach Blvd]
    TX - Mustang Island, Port Aransas
    MS - [Sioux Bayou]

Trapa natans

    MD - Lloyd Creek, Sassafras River
    NY - Morningside Lake
    CT - Beseck Lake, Middlesex
    MA - Heart Pond, Chelmsford
    MA - Rice City Pond, Uxbridge
    CT - Keeney Cove, Glastonbury
    NY - Five Rivers Environmental Education Center, Albany
    NJ - Assunpink WMA
    NJ - Lake Assunpink
    CT - Connecticut River, at Two Rivers Magnet School
    NY - Route 4 Pond, Fort Edward
    NJ - Passion Puddle pond, Rutgers University - George H. Cook Campus
    NY - Hudson River at Cold Springs
    CT - Swan Lake, University of Connecticut
    NY - Salmon River, Port Ontario
    NY - Van Cortlandt Lake
    MA - Ell Pond Park
    NY - Sodus Bay, at Ridge Rd
    NJ - Amwell Lake
    NY - Dominican College pond
    NY - Mohawk River, near Loudon Rd, Crescent
    NY - Hudson River, near Bull Hill
    MA - Fisherville Pond, Quinsigamond River
    NY - Genesee River at Turning Point Park
    NY - constructed pond, Tally Ho Dr, Pine Bush
    MA - Mystic River, at Mystic River Reservation
    MA - Mystic River, at Mystic River Reservation
    NY - Hudson River, near Tivoli
    NY - Silver Lake, Sandburg Creek
    NY - Hudson River, near Bull Hill
    NY - Massapequa Lake
    NY - Mohawk River, at Erie Canal
    NY - Hudson River, at Fort Lee
    CT - Lower Hart Pond
    NY - Lake Alice, Chazy
    NY - South Bay, Whitehall
    NY - Hudson River, Beacon
    NY - Mohawk River, at Peebles Island
    CT - Keeney Cove and Connecticut River
    MA - Gristmill Pond, Sudbury
    NY - Jamestown Audubon Nature Center pond
    NY - [Pond near Seneca River and Cross Lake]
    NY - Route 4 pond [along Hudson River and Champlain Canal]
    NY - Round Lake Preserve
    MA - Winnings Pond [Vietnam Veterans Park]
    NY - Clove Lake
    MA - Charles River [at Cutler Park]
    NY - Mill Pond, Bellmore
    NY - Waterfront Park [Fish Creek]
    NY - [Dominican College ponds]
    PA - [pond along Pine Run, SW of Small Rd and McCartney Rd]
    PA - [pond to the NE of Gun Club Rd and Tilghman St]
    NY - Putnam County Veteran Memorial Park
    MA - shallows of slow-moving [Sudbury] River

Trapa sp.

    VA - Coral Berry Dr. Pond [site code CB-VA]
    VA - Wellington Road Contractor's pond [site code WC-VA]
    VA - Waples Pond [site code WP-VA]
    VA - Coral Berry Dr. Pond [site code CB-VA]

Typha angustifolia

    IL - residential pond in Bloomington subdivision
    OH - [Glacier Ridge Metro Park]
    MD - Rock Creek Park
    MI - ditch of M-28 between Deerton Post Office and Laughing Whitefish River
    NY - [Montezuma Marsh, Tschache Pool]
    PA - Allegheny National Forest
    MI - marsh adjacent to Iron Ore Heritage Trail
    OH - [Cuyahoga Valley National Park]
    MI - [Chippewa Nature Center]
    CA - [Elles Pond]
    VT - [Missisquoi River tributary]
    VT - 1–117 Sheldon Rd [ditch]
    AL - 21304 Troy Hwy
    WI - 2546 S Overland Rd
    VT - Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge
    WI - [canals at end of Saxony Ct]
    WI - Kettle Moraine State Forest
    ME - Scarborough [River]
    ME - Weskeag Marsh
    ME - [Jordan Bay, at Roosevelt Trail]
    ME - [Scarborough River at] Pine Point Road
    VT - South Hero
    VT - Grand Isle
    CT - [retention pond in Norfolk]
    MI - [Days River at] 9564 Bay Shore Dr
    VT - [Lake Shaftsbury State Park]
    VT - [Creek on East Rd, north of Harrison Rd]
    VT - [creek north of Walloomsac Rd, east of Whipstock Rd]
    NJ - [Boundary Creek Tributary, Rancocas Creek]
    MN - [residential detention pond]
    MD - Kings Landing Park
    DC - [Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens]
    VT - Malletts Bay [at Delta Park]
    VT - [Casavant Natural Area]
    NE - Unnamed Road, Maxwell

Typha domingensis

    IL - [Starved Rock State Park, Illinois River]
    IL - Tipton Lake
    IL - [residential stormwater pond]
    IL - [Rock Island Greenway]
    IL - pond at George Zearing Park
    IL - [Big Creek Park]
    IL - [Lincoln College Outdoor Center, near Sugar Creek]
    ID - [small pond, N of Portneuf River and Johnny Creek confluence]
    ID - [small pond, N of Portneuf River and Johnny Creek confluence]

Typha laxmannii

    WI - bottom of a ditch in front of residences on the east side of Durham Drive

Viviparus georgianus

    VT - Lake Champlain, Grand Isle
    OH - Pond at River Styx Park
    VA - John H. Kerr Reservoir, Roanoke River
    MA - Spectacle Pond, from Spectacle Brook, tributary of the north Nashua River

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